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About EcoNomics™ 

EcoNomics™ is WorleyParsons’ enterprise-wide framework that ensures profitable integration of sustainability into our customers’ projects and operating assets. We work with our customers’ objectives, commitments, risks and opportunities in mind to identify and deliver both profitable and sustainable outcomes.

Our EcoNomics™ framework comprises three components: Sustainable Decisions, Sustainable Project Delivery and Sustainable Operations. These components, along with our carbon management service; Carbon EcoNomics™, provide our customers with the capability to enhance project risk management and improve sustainability performance across the asset lifecycle.

Sustainable elements of EcoNomics

Sustainable Decisions
We use our EcoNomics™ Assessment process to quantify and monetize relevant environmental, social and financial project factors across the asset lifecycle, helping our customers make profitable and sustainable decisions.

Sustainable Project Delivery
Through our proprietary project delivery systems, we integrate sustainability enhancing systems, tools and expertise into our customers’ projects, enhancing project risk management and converting their sustainability objectives into profitable project outcomes.

Sustainable Operations
We utilize our established Improve Operating Platform to identify and deliver projects that improve the environmental, social and financial performance of existing assets.

Carbon EcoNomics™
We provide our customers with solutions to emerging issues, risks and opportunities associated with carbon emissions and climate change.

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