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Sustainable Decisions 

We enhance our customers’ decision quality by quantifying the environmental, social and financial sustainability of project options over the long term, helping our customers identify optimal business outcomes.

Our economic, engineering, environmental, social, risk and estimating specialists work in integrated teams to assess project options against technical, social, environmental and financial considerations and uncertainties. We utilize a suite of sustainability decision-making techniques, including our EcoNomics™ Assessment process to help customers make informed decisions for the long term.

EcoNomics™ Assessment
Using this unique process, audited and approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under ISO 9001, we quantify and monetize relevant environmental, social and financial project considerations, helping our customers make robust decisions.

During early alignment, we work with our customers to determine project objectives, risks and constraints, and identify a wide range of options for comparison. Our integrated teams develop engineering concepts and estimates for each option, and quantify and monetize relevant non-technical considerations. We then assess the performance of options using our proprietary DELTΔ tool, comparing and communicating the lifecycle costs and benefits of options in monetary terms, over a wide range of possible future business conditions.

WorleyParsons’ EcoNomics™ Assessment represents global best practice in advanced business decision making for sustainability. Having delivered over two hundred EcoNomics™ Assessments worldwide, this process has helped our customers save millions of tons in CO2 emissions, billions of gallons of water and significantly enhanced our customers’ financial outcomes.


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