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The resources & energy industry is in an era of change due to a global drive to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and reduce emissions.

EcoNomics™ provides our customers with the systems, technologies and expertise to optimize and balance financial, social, and environmental outcomes, improving sustainability performance while enhancing profit and long-term viability. WorleyParsons’ vision is to be a leader in sustainability by helping our customers capture new markets and business opportunities created by the new energy economy.

EcoNomics™ converts customers’ sustainability goals into tangible business solutions by:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Improving efficiency
  • Eliminating waste
  • Reducing emissions
  • Ensuring profitability

This makes it easier for our customers to assess and mitigate the challenges of changing commercial and ecological drivers that are altering operating environments worldwide and therefore changing customers project objectives. It also helps them to plan for and address the risks of unprecedented growth and volatility in energy and resource costs, rising stakeholder concern about sustainability and climate change as well as increased regulation and changing standards for environmental compliance, whilst remaining profitable.

Our EcoNomics™ Assessment process and proprietary EcoNomics™ DELTΔ toolset provide us with a unique ability to monetize the value of all internal (project), and external (environmental and social) risk factors allowing project options to be compared on a like for like dollar value basis over a range of possible future conditions. This allows decision makers to identify optimal solutions for profit and sustainability. The assessment adds value at every level of consideration: high-level strategy, concept select and technology comparisons.

Following project selection we embed sustainability-related expertise and capability within an EcoNomics™-trained project team to design for business, environmental and social sustainability from the outset. These teams are supported by WorleyParsons’ formally embedded systems and procedures, proprietary software, sustainability training, and a global network of leading engineering and technology capabilities.

EcoNomics™ Initiatives

Engineers have long responded to governments and industry trends and regulations. Now we are helping to lead the way in shaping a more sustainable future...more


08 Dec 11 - A new paper examining the full life cycle GHG emissions for a range of electricity generation types, including coal seam gas, nuclear and renewables, will be published shortly in the open access peer reviewed journal Energies.  The paper is co-authored by Paul Hardisty, Tom Clark and Rob Hynes.


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