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Intermodal Consulting Services 



Our intermodal customers include terminal operators, railroads, river transport operators, logistics companies, equipment owners, investors, governments and ports. Some of the challenges they face include decisions around procurement, development and financing, site selection, brownfield precinct constraints, infrastructure expansion to meet growing demand, appropriate modal selection, complex community attitudes, stringent regulatory environments, network congestion, environmental impacts, asset reliability, cost of ownership and rolling stock investment decisions.


We provide our intermodal customers with a comprehensive range of services spanning the full project lifecycle.  Our consultants are assembled from a global team of intermodal experts comprising strategists, economists, engineers and operators. 

Our customers receive multifaceted, multidisciplinary solutions through the following service offerings.

Intermodal Master Planning
Focusing on strategy, policy and high-level advisory services, we provide advice on planning, organizational and operations structures.  We identify demand, appropriate site selection, determine the best modes of transport for the terminal, identify congestion and environmental impacts and establish policies to support terminal operation.

Intermodal Terminal Design
Our experts assist with all aspects of the planning and design of an intermodal terminal including site design, environmental permitting, systems, equipment, and operations planning. Our designs are aided by Terminal Optimization Modelling which allows us to assess and refine terminal layout options for the development of a new terminal, or expansion of an existing terminal.

Intermodal Rolling Stock
We design, model, test, and work with manufacturers to deliver innovative intermodal railcar designs to meet specific customer needs. We have designed a ‘for purpose’ articulated intermodal spine car for a narrow gauge operation, and work with manufacturers around the world to oversee construction, ensuring railcars are built to design specifications.

Integrated Asset Management
Our services encompass several areas including planning and strategy, operational improvement, sustainability, integrity and compliance, business efficiency, and safety. Utilizing our proprietary risk analysis systems, we work with terminal operators, 3PLs, shippers, carriers and asset owners to develop a long-term asset management plan for their intermodal operations.

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Michael Petro
Managing Consultant, Intermodal
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