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Our Capabilities 

WorleyParsons has engaged in the development of 12 new, world-scale olefins

complexes in six countries on three continents in the last 10 years, with feedstocks ranging from ethane to heavy naphtha. Our team brings a unique blend of technical, managerial and operating experience to olefins projects that is unsurpassed in the industry, and includes conventional crackers and propane dehydrogenation for “on purpose” propylene. Our technology-neutral teams assist with project scope and product definition, licensor selection, site integration and the optimization of utilities & offsites.

Polymers are the major end-products of the petrochemical value chain and WorleyParsons has the capability to develop world-class polymer plants around the world. Our breadth of experience encompasses feasibility studies, large capital projects, expansions, revamps and major grass roots installations. By combining our expertise in olefins and polymers projects, WorleyParsons provides a unique opportunity to enhance the synergy between the plants that form major portions of a petrochemicals complex. Our polymers project experience includes polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), polypropylene (homopolymer, random and impact copolymer), polystyrene, poly-methylmethacrylate and nylon.

Aromatics and derivative projects, which are critical to the petrochemical value chain, make up a substantial portion of WorleyParsons’ project experience, including one of the largest ethlybenzene (EB)/styrene units ever built. Our project experience includes aromatics recovery from olefin pygas, refinery streams and chemical units that process recovered aromatics to make everything from ethyl benzene to phenol-acetone to bisphenol A. WorleyParsons’ broad expertise in aromatics ranges from small to complex applications. Maximizing the economic benefit from aromatics production— whether refinery or olefin derived—can hugely impact the financial return from a facility. Our aromatics project experience includes:

  • Phenol
  • Benzene extraction
  • Xylene isomerization
  • Polyolefin modifiers
  • p-Xylene crystallization
  • Pthalic anhydride
  • BTX aromatic extraction and purification

Specialty and Derivative Chemicals
WorleyParsons is seasoned in the design of derivative and specialty units ranging from acetic acid to xylene crystallization. Our project experience ranges from in-plant services to mega projects that involve world-scale process units. Our experience with technologies such as linear alpha olefins, acetic and acrylic acid, methyl methacrylate, acrylonitrile and others from multiple technology providers gives us the capability to efficiently and reliably integrate these units into larger complexes.

WorleyParsons has extensive experience in providing services for many of the leading chemical, fine chemical, plastics and resins manufacturing fields, with project experience including:

  • Linear alpha olefins
  • Oxo-alcohol
  • Acetic and acrylic acid
  • Propylene esters
  • Peroxide
  • Chlorothalonil
  • Polyalcohol
  • Polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA)

Gasification to Syngas
In a world of increasing gas and oil prices, petrochemical manufacturers may soon have to find alternative feedstocks. Gasification to syngas opens up the prospect of sourcing many petrochemicals from all manners of hydrocarbon resources. WorleyParsons has experience in the design and construction of gasification process units, including associated CO2 capture, compression and pipeline transport, and the range of issues for deep geological storage or enhanced oil recovery.

Syngas to Chemicals
In many parts of the world, traditional feedstocks for petrochemicals are scarce or being depleted. In such locations, hydrocarbons are expensive and gasification can offer a non-traditional route to olefins and petrochemicals. The breadth of WorleyParsons’ capability means that attractive options can be quickly assessed, matched against the preferred process route and clearly identified in terms of the project’s environmental impact and sustainability. We remain technology-neutral in order to provide an unbiased assessment and implementation of a particular gasification technology to a customer-selected feedstock. 

Utilities and Offsites Optimization
We are a global leader in providing project management consultancy services, which may include FEED and EPC for selected process units or utilities & offsites (U&O). Our teams work to maximize efficiencies in design for U&O, through all phases of a project, including the evaluation of current systems for modification and revamping. Understanding the financial impact of infrastructure and logistics, WorleyParsons designs packages for customers to minimize overall project cost and schedule.

Licensor Selection
With over 50 years of experience in licensor evaluation and selection—and as a technology-neutral leaderWorleyParsons is uniquely qualified to assist in this critical undertaking. During the development phase of a project, WorleyParsons can contribute significantly in final licensor selection. Our experience can help assure that all aspects of a selection, such as sustainability, subtle environmental, energy or operating impacts of each licensor, are considered in selecting a process. We assist by preparing bid tenders such as duty specifications, managing the licensor bidding process, evaluating the proposals and recommending an award.

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