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Arctic and Cold Climate 

Arctic Developments 

INTECSEA and WorleyParsons are world leaders in the design and construction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostile environments. 

Innovative and first-of-a-kind solutions have consistently been implemented to solve the unique problems associated with revamp, modernization, and grassroots projects in these environments.  WorleyParsons currently has in excess of 500 personnel permanently stationed in Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay Alaska.

Planning a grass roots oil and gas field development in cold climates involves analyzing a number of variables and options, and investigating how they interrelate so as to achieve an economical approach, including:

  • Extended reach drilling versus increasing the number of well pads
  • Number of central processing facilities
  • Process train size as a function of module size, production curve demands and cash flow
  • Module size as a function of impact on logistics, infrastructure and labor
  • Phased development versus cash flow
  • Fabrication and construction approach versus local content
  • Net present value of traditional design versus a fit-for-purpose design approach

Unique pipeline design aspects for arctic conditions include analysis of the potential effects of arctic-specific environmental loadings (ice scour, strudel current scour, permafrost), and the effective use of limit state design for extreme loading conditions.  Evaluation of these unique design-loading conditions and use of a limit state design philosophy have been successfully used by INTECSEA for offshore arctic pipelines.

The Arctic has been our single most important market and has been the foundation of our technical and commercial success in the engineering/construction industry.  But perhaps more relevant than a list of past Arctic projects are the innovations that WorleyParsons has brought to the North Slope, the Beaufort Sea and the Russian Arctic. 

Many of these innovations resulted from collaborative brainstorming by WorleyParsons and customers.  Innovation and new concepts have always been mandatory in the continuing development of Arctic oil and gas fields.  Without the willingness of our customers to explore new methods and ideas, these fields would never have been put on line.

Arctic and Cold Climate
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