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Flow Assurance 

INTECSEA is fully qualified to assist customers in all aspects of the design of complete production systems including:

  • Thermal-hydraulic simulations
  • Hydrate prediction, inhibition, and remediation
  • Production chemistry issues such as wax and as asphaltene deposition
  • Slug prediction and slug catcher sizing
  • Production/flow system operability

At INTECSEA, production system design, and particularly flow assurance, embodies a whole system approach. Design and operation of the system are inexorably linked and must be treated as such throughout the design process.

Our flow assurance services include:

  • Technical and economic studies from concept selection through start-up
  • Field development studies
  • Hydrate, wax control and remediation
  • PIPESIM and OLGA modeling
  • Chemical injection design
  • Pigging system design
  • Systems engineering
  • Operating manuals
  • Flow assurance manuals
  • Operating strategy/philosophy development
  • Operability reviews
  • Fluid characterization

The primary flow assurance and analysis tools used at INTECSEA include: PIPESIM, OLGA, Multiflash and PVTsim.  We also use ANSYS (or other FEA / CFD programs) for detailed flow and heat transfer modeling and analysis of insulation systems and other specialized programs are available and are used where/when needed. INTECSEA personnel have experience with other analysis tools including PIPEPHASE, HYSYS, Natasha, Fluent,  ANSYS, SPS and Depowax.

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