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WorleyParsons’ gasification experience includes full-scope engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects. 

Refineries worldwide face increasing pressures to look for alternative conversion of the heavy residues.  Gasification has proven to be an outstanding alternative that upgrades low-value heavy residues to valuable syngas.  In addition, gasification upgrades coal to valuable syngas that can be used as fuel or chemical feedstock.

Gasification technologies differ in many ways but share certain general production characteristics.  Typical gasification feedstock includes coal, petroleum based materials (crude oil, high sulfur fuel oil, petroleum coke, and other refinery residuals), gases, or low value waste streams.

Our gasification background includes coal gasification and fluid bed boiler plant design and support services for the US Department of Energy (DOE), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT), and domestic and offshore private utilities and corporations.

For power applications, the syngas is typically used to fuel an integrated gasification combine cycle (IGCC) power generation unit.  IGCC is the cleanest, most efficient means of producing electricity from coal, petroleum residues and other low-value feedstock.  WorleyParsons has substantial qualifications and experience in process design, cost estimating, and feasibility studies for greenfield and repowering applications.  Our background includes over 30 IGCC projects worldwide.

WorleyParsons has the experience and capability to work with major gasification technologies including GE Energy (formerly Texaco), ConocoPhillips E-Gas, Shell, and British Gas/Lurgi.  Worley-Parsons utilizes an in-house propriety process model to conduct feasibility studies for customers.

Recent gasification experience includes:

  • Technical support contract with DOE Fossil Energy for various emerging energy technologies, including gasification, since 1988
  • Technical support contract with DOE Federal Energy Technology Center (FETC)/Morgantown for various emerging energy technologies, including gasification and fluidized bed, since 1989
  • 2,200 ton-per-day fluid coke IGCC repowering EPC project
  • Dual gasification trains syngas production EPC project
  • Numerous IGCC feasibility studies and front-end process design contracts

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