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Unconventional Oil & Gas Services 

Our Services

Social License to Operate
WorleyParsons can address and manage key risks associated with the community, government and media spotlight that this industry currently faces. Our services help our customers avoid development delays, production disruption, negative public relations and potential litigation by managing environmental and stakeholder risks. We conduct social, environmental impact and risk assessments; plan and optimize for land use; help secure community and regulatory stakeholder approvals, as well as permits associated with air, groundwater, surface water, land and waste.

Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions
We provide important infrastructure and environmental services—including total water management
—that are defining elements within the unconventional oil and gas space. We create and implement total water management plans; design, procure and safely deploy fit-for-purpose production assets within complex environments and establish the framework for providing on-going development, optimization and improvement services throughout the life of the field.

Full Field Program Management
Our Full Field Program Management portfolio management service offering is designed specifically for unconventional oil and gas projects. By incorporating WorleyParsons’ best practices into the complex planning and logistical challenges that are unique to this emerging industry—from concept to full execution and delivery— Full Field Program Management improves real-time decision making, increases efficiency and, most importantly, reduces costs for the owner.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management
The effective coordination of Unconventional Oil & Gas projects is vital to achieve environmental, financial and quality optimization. This requires a high degree of management expertise in planning and execution, coordination and control of simultaneous activities, component standardization, volume purchasing and waste reduction. We provide front-end capability in transport logistics and waste management that are critical enablers of successful projects. WorleyParsons’ ability to optimize solutions across multiple well sites enables our customers to enhance efficiency.


Total Water Management
WorleyParsons’ capabilities in industrial water management are substantial and comprehensive. Water management needs to be planned in the early stages of a project and optimized to develop an overarching infrastructure build-out strategy which ultimately results in the most cost effective and technically appropriate outcomes for our customers. Our team brings a strategic shift in thinking towards complete and integrated water management solutions.

Specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) analysis, spatial data management, automated alignment sheet generation, 3D visualization and remote sensing applications, WorleyParsons is on the leading edge of the data-centric application of geomatics to pipeline/gathering and other linear engineering and environmental projects. Our Geomatics team supports projects and assets requiring inception to close out data management, ensuring that data has integrity, security and an effective change management process. As subject matter experts in the geomatics industry, WorleyParsons offers the full suite of services, from simple base mapping to enterprise-wide data management solutions.

Our power expertise is seamlessly integrated into unconventional oil and gas projects, including those located in remote locations and harsh environments. In addition to power generation and transmission projects, we employ the power group to support water and wastewater treatment, transportation, and oil production and distribution projects.

Pipeline & Gathering Systems
In unconventional oil and gas, our pipeline and gathering systems expertise in field facilities includes wellsites, gathering lines, field compression and dehydration. We work with customers to optimize field activities so that well tie-ins are completed as soon as drilling and completions are finished, thus maximizing gas recovery and profitability. We employ standardization and smart customization for wellsite and field facility packages, and have over 30 years of experience in delivering pipeline and field facilities to the industry, including field facility projects. WorleyParsons has contributed to over 100,000km of pipelines along with associated facilities and terminals.  

Production Processing
Our considerable expertise in gas processing and oil refining is integrated within the unconventional oil and gas project teams. We have designed and constructed over 400 gas processing plants worldwide that correspond to a total capacity of over 250 billion SCFD. Unique challenges  faced in remote locations, hostile environments, extremely sour gas streams and very high injection pressures have all been addressed in our experience portfolio and our process design engineers are custodians to these process design activities.

WorleyParsons' modular experience encompasses some of the world’s most hostile and remote locations. We solve the unique challenges associated with our customers’ unconventional oil and gas projects and optimize module size and density by combining our design capability with our Very Large Module (VLM) expertise. This approach results in smaller, more economical module footprints and increased logistics benefits. We also combine our proven EPCM track record with our specialist in-house skills to provide customers with cost effective, innovative modular solutions.

WorleyParsons routinely procures equipment and material from around the globe, providing world class capability and systems. Combining our customer’s overall capital spending into one well-planned and executed process results in both material and overhead cost savings. Our global procurement capabilities include high-value purchasing from offshore suppliers, bulk purchases resulting in volume discounts, logistics and warehousing, coordinated inspection to ensure quality satisfaction and timely delivery and a streamlined contractor management process.

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