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WorleyParsons provides transportation solutions to both the private and public sectors covering all modes including rail, road, and intermodal transport. Our knowledge of the power, mining, and hydrocarbons industries together with our diverse transport capabilities combine to deliver integrated transport solutions for these customers.

We specialize in resource rail, large-scale project development and delivery, and productivity improvement of existing rail operations of all types; including heavy-haul railways and management of urban rail projects.  We have designed, delivered, and improved operations on railways in more than 20 countries.  In addition to delivering major projects WorleyParsons has a strong focus on improving transport safety, reliability and operating costs to deliver our customers a competitive advantage.

The Industry
WorleyParsons understands that each customer has unique challenges, which often include:

  • Time to market;
  • Achieving demanding performance targets by managing the tradeoffs between reliability, efficiency and operating costs;
  • Determining the optimum system selection or specification in terms of assets and operating plan having due regard to the link between technical decisions and commercial outcomes;
  • Overall optimization of supply chain logistics - making commercially and technically sound decisions as to mode and modal change point by optimized dynamic simulation of complex operations;
  • Competitive advantage whilst mitigating risks at an affordable cost using risk managed technical innovation;
  • Working within a stringent regulatory environment which adds a degree of uncertainty as to project cost and time to market.

Our Services
In order to best address our customer’s challenges, our transport offering is structured into six distinct service offerings:

  •  Transport Advisory
  •  Transport Master Planning
  • Transport Design and Project Delivery – for new projects 
  •  Transport Improve Services  - for performance improvement and operational and asset management support for existing transportation systems
  •  Rolling Stock
  • Transport Procurement

Our team’s expertise is grounded in sound engineering concepts which are deeply rooted in industry operating experience working with public and private sector customers across many industries. We have a thorough understanding of rail, road, port and maritime technical and commercial issues in a global sense and with thorough local knowledge in the regions we operate in.  We have a strong track record of delivering benchmark designs to customers around the world.

Transport Advisory
Transport advisory consulting to governments, financial institutions and investors, resource companies that ship bulk freight, railway operating companies, and intermodal carriers to develop strategies that will improve safety and throughput and reduce costs whilst making best use of scarce capital.

Transport Master Planning
WorleyParsons has integrated teams including planners, transport economists, engineers, seasoned industry executives, consultants, policy specialists, environmental and geotechnical specialists, architects, system specialists and technical experts to deliver transport and logistics solutions including appropriate site selection, transport optimisation modeling, stakeholder management and integrated approvals planning.

Transport Design and Project Delivery
Our design and project delivery offering encompasses global expertise in heavy haul railways, pipelines on rails, intermodal container transport, and modern narrow gauge technology in addition to maintenance depots and servicing facilities, bulk terminals and yards.

Major project delivery services include planning, engineering, project management, procurement, construction management and program management services. A wide range of project delivery models is offered including EPC, EPCM and PMC.

Transport Improve Services
Our services to improve existing operations include; capacity expansion, asset life extension, train schedule improvement, infrastructure renewal programs, new technology implementation, signaling and track upgrades, staffing and training, business process re-engineering, improving terminal operations efficiency, and interface management with connecting carriers.

Rolling Stock
WorleyParsons provides a comprehensive rolling stock capability including specification, conceptual and full detailed design of nearly all types of rolling stock.  Services include consulting, engineering, sophisticated computer modeling of performance, procurement, construction QA management, fleet planning and strategy, managing fleet renewal, rebuild programs, development of new technologies and testing and commission and regulatory compliance is most regions. We have global best practice expertise in heavy haul railroading, pipelines on rails, intermodal container transport, modern narrow gauge technology and passenger car upgrades and refurbishment.

Transport Procurement
As an EPCM contractor WorleyParsons has an extensive and well established procurement capability and network which is employed to support our transport projects. Our rail procurement experience includes; contract negotiation, project mobilization, project delivery. Specific areas of expertise include; rolling stock procurement with specialist expertise in sourcing from low cost countries. Infrastructure procurement activities includes; materials, equipment, land/corridor, sub consultants, contractors and associated requirements for major projects.


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