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Water capabilities at WorleyParsons 
The Industry

Water is a critical resource for communities and industries around the world.

In recent times, scarcity, increased competition for available resources, environmental pressures, floods, drought, and climate change uncertainty have combined to pose new challenges to our customer’s businesses and the community at large.

As a consequence, a key challenge for our customers we see emerging is that of Water Stewardship, embracing all aspects of the responsible management of water including abstraction, discharge, treatment and recycling.

Our Services

We are helping our customers with:

  • Whole of cycle water planning 
  • Water source viability assessment/testing
  • Water solution modeling and technology selection
  • Stakeholder engagement, approvals management  and regulatory risk assessment
  • Water system concept, design and delivery
  • Water management (storage, re-use, disposal) 
  • Operational monitoring/audits 
  • Flood/drought risk mitigation 
  • Post-life water monitoring/audits and closure planning
  • Development, delivery and operations of major water infrastructure including:
    • Desalination
    • Water treatment plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Pipelines
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Global Director - Water
Steve Edmondson
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