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Smart-Gas® Technology 

Smart-Gas® Technology is the world’s first process control tool for steelmaking electric arc furnaces (EAF’s) consisting of a combination of proprietary models and engineering consulting to improve chemical energy utilization, reduce conversion costs, and provide environmental and safety benefits.  Smart-Gas effectively eliminates the use of off-gas analyzers and extractive/laser probes, along with their inherent high cost and maintenance issues.

Smart-Gas® Technology keeps EAF energy optimization simple and cost-effective.  It leverages the customers’ existing financial investment in meltshop instrumentation by using it to provide real-time energy measurements instead of simply for detection of system faults.

Smart-Gas ® Technology optimizes the operation and energy usage of the EAF and provides safety, environmental, and guaranteed minimum cost reduction benefits.
Smart-Gas ® Technology optimizes the operation of the EAF by adjusting the operation of the natural gas, oxygen, and carbon injectors and draft control damper based on energy measurements, under closed-loop conditions.

In addition, Smart-Gas® Technology can detect the conditions leading up to water-cooled panel failure by monitoring heat losses continuously.  This feature provides key safety and preventive maintenance features without having to actually measure hydrogen content in the exhaust gas.

Other benefits of Smart-Gas® Technology include:

  • Real-time assessment of injection and charge carbon utilization
  • Real-time tracking of furnace energy inputs, losses, and efficiency
  • Reduction in GHG emissions by decreasing the use of natural gas and carbon
  • Improved consistency of process operations
  • Built-in historical benchmarking

In addition, this technology can be modified and be implemented in BOF furnaces in the steel industry, and other energy intensive industries such as power (fossil), cement, petrochemical, and pulp and paper.

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