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Energy Storage 

Energy Storage Systems 

Energy storage systems can provide beneficial solutions to the challenges faced by renewable power generation grid integration. Ensuring power during periods of high demand, enhancing grid reliability, and smoothing intermittent supply fluctuations are a few of the roles filled by energy storage in the drive towards a more efficient electrical grid.

Energy storage systems are available in a variety of technologies that are optimally selected for predictable benefits as well as the transmission system and electrical generation plant they will support. Electrochemical, compressed air with preferred storage reservoir, and flywheel systems are three of the developed technologies that can be utilized to provide energy time-shifting, electric supply capacity, load following, transmission and distribution upgrade deferral, time-of-use energy cost management, demand charge management, and grid reliability services such as frequency regulation and power quality improvement.

Distributed energy storage can be utilized for a broader range of value propositions. Transmission congestion relief, T&D upgrade deferral, time-of-use energy management, demand charge management, and reliability services, especially voltage support, can profit when located close to loads. In addition, since many storage technologies are inherently modular, they can be deployed and relocated where needed to provide electric capacity expansion and transmission planning flexibility. Benefits such as energy time-shifting and renewables firming can be easily realized when the storage system is located at the generation site.

WorleyParsons provides a full range of services to support the development of energy storage planning and implementation. Our staff will provide assistance with the benefit analysis and technology selection that is optimum for a customer’s project, including consideration of the particular storage applications that provide synergistic advantages to enhance project financial returns.  

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