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Hydro power capability at WorleyParsons 

WorleyParsons provides a comprehensive range of professional services to hydropower projects for customers around the globe. Our Hydroelectric Center of Excellence in Brazil assists our local offices to provide global solutions to local projects.

The Industry
Hydroelectricity is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. Hydroelectric dams do not directly produce carbon dioxide and not burn fossil fuels. Large hydro dams can also control floods, which would otherwise affect people living downstream of the project. In addition, the cost of operating a hydroelectric power plant (HPP) is nearly immune to changes in the cost of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, or coal.

Our Services
Our Hydroelectric Centre of Excellence based in Brazil, one of the largest hydropower countries in the world, is augmented by our offices in Canada, leaders in small hydropower; provide our customers with high-value services at a competitive cost. Our strength and experience in delivering technical solutions is matched by our depth in environmental and social appraisals, delivering complex hydroelectric projects that are both profitable and sustainable.

Servicing all phases of the project lifecycle the hydropower specialists within WorleyParsons have extensive experience in:

  • Integrating customer preferences and needs to provide long-term cultural and social fit with all stakeholders
  • Optimizing technical, environmental, and economic solutions that are balanced with project goals
  • Introducing a basis for world-class project solutions that facilitates financing and environmental approvals
  •  All stages of hydroelectric development, operation, and refurbishment to ensure the maximum probability of success.

Why WorleyParsons?

Global Presence
From our Hydroelectric Center of Excellence in São Paulo, Brazil, WorleyParsons is well positioned to respond globally and work locally on diverse projects, from large to small, and from earliest development through operation.

Impact Studies
WorleyParsons is the world leader in environmental and social impact assessments. We have extensive experience in ecologically sensitive areas and bring our depth of understanding to project development. As an international company, we fully understand the requirements of the international community including the World Bank and other Multilateral funding agencies, requirements of the Equator Principles, and the World Commission of Dams.

Hydropower Investments
WorleyParsons is experienced in risk evaluation and management of hydropower projects. The participation in project structuring, together with the experience in EPC contracts, gives WorleyParsons a unique position to evaluate the risks of the investor and of the EPC, as well as the correct allocation of these risks.

WorleyParsons is experienced in handling the challenges associated with the refurbishment and rehabilitation projects for hydropower plants. Plant refurbishment time periods include outage planning of generating units and energy lost during this period, time period necessary for the repair of each generating unit, and the replacement or repair of common facilities without affecting generating unit operation.


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