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    WorleyParsons delivers professional engineering services in all phases of the entire plant lifecycle. From early site permitting, through plant improvement and analysis, we provide the technical partnership for project success.

    We gained our reputation and expertise by successfully implementing 18 nuclear generating units, totalling over 13,100 MW, around the world. Our experience covers the full spectrum of reactors including:

    • Boiling water
    • Pressurized water
    • High temperature gas cooled
    • Plutonium production
    • Advanced neutron source
    • Russian reactor designs (VVER, RBMK)
    • Liquid metal fast breeder reactors

    WorleyParsons offers direct experience in each stage of development of the commercial nuclear power industry. From its inception of turnkey and non-turnkey projects, through the post-TMI-2 regulatory-dominated climate, to the early site permitting and combined construction and operating application processes of today, we provide the professional and technical resources that only 55 years of nuclear experience can deliver.

    Our personnel hold world-class credentials, and deliver:

    • Full-service design analysis
    • Economic assessment of technologies and new build decisions
    • Early site permitting assessments
    • Evaluations or analyses
    • Preparation of construction and operating license applications
    • Construction management
    • Owner’s engineering services for new nuclear plant design and construction

    Our Improve services encompass:

    • Modification engineering
    • Extended power update
    • License renewal
    • Radiological design
    • Accident and alternate source term analysis
    • Emergency management planning and analysis
    • Decommissioning engineering and planning
    • Power station due diligence evaluations.
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