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Gas Turbine capability at WorleyParsons 

Gas-fired Power 

 WorleyParsons delivers successful lifecycle projects through full-service engineering and consulting to help customers achieve their business goals in today’s competitive gas turbine power generation market. Compliance with solid fuel Air Quality regulations is an easy task for a gas turbine based facility particularly when setup in a Combined Heat and Power or Cogeneration application. Read our PowerOn brochure which has a feature on Gas Turbines and Cogeneration on pages 12 through 17.

The Industry
Over the past several years, nearly every publication has discussed natural gas as a preferred fuel in many parts of the globe. New, extremely large reserves have been discovered in many regions, increasing the known global reserve each year. These items combined make natural gas the fuel of choice. There are multiple reasons for crowning gas as the new best fuel (it was less than 10 years ago that coal was crowned as the king) including:

  • Low cost for the fuel source
  • Fuel price stability
  • Excellent availability
  • Quick, low cost construction
  • The cleanest fossil fuel

Even with all these accolades, the overall trend towards the use of natural gas is slowed by, in many cases, government or administrative concerns. Many regions are still undergoing emissions regulation changes, creating uncertainty relative to emissions surcharges, penalties, and or required modifications to meet these new requirements. Political uncertainties bring new or changing environmental policies.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP or Cogeneration) is simple and extremely efficient with a Gas Turbine based arrangement.  Significant emissions reductions including a reduction of your carbon foot print by 50% and more is achievable.

Our Services
Our gas turbine specialists deliver leading-edge applications using the newest combustion turbine generation technology such as simple cycle to combined cycle plant conversions, repowering of existing plants, and cogeneration. These applications are implemented throughout our worldwide projects, which include simple and combined cycle installations for gas turbine plants, ensuring optimum solutions resulting in efficient, cost effective projects. WorleyParsons has been our CHP and Cogeneration experts ready to help you improve your facilities’ bottom line through high levels of efficiency and reduced emissions.

Why WorleyParsons?
WorleyParsons designed the first 60 Hz single-shaft 107H units for General Electric, as well as their single-shaft 109FB 50 Hz combined cycle reference plant. For large capacity machines, our design and implementation experience is unparalleled in the industry. Our project references feature machines from all major gas turbine OEMs including General Electric, ALSTOM, Siemens, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

We have extensive experience in 34,000 MW of simple and combined cycle installations for more than 120 gas turbine plants, including CHP and cogeneration, conversion of simple cycle plants to combined cycle plants, and repowering of existing plants.

WorleyParsons excel as our customers’ single point of accountability for simple to complex gas turbine power projects. Our reference plant approach meets today’s aggressive project objectives to facilitate design and shorten schedules, yet allows flexibility to accommodate customer specific conditions. 


Project Delivery

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