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Resource Power 

Resource Power 

The Industry

Resource development projects in hydrocarbons, mining, refining and comparable industrial facilities invariably require power assets to support their operation.  Customers in these resource industries face unique and complex power supply and generation challenges including proximity to established power networks, escalating electricity costs and reducing greenhouse and carbon footprint through power efficiency.

The remote nature of many resource developments requires the need to develop a power generation and network facility, entailing the creation of an islanded power network.  Other resource projects are within close proximity to established power networks and are therefore capable of being grid connected.  Whether an islanded power network or use of an established power network, resource developments require power solutions to be investigated, delivered and operated.

Escalating electricity costs and reducing their greenhouse footprint is a challenge for customers, especially in the industrial plant sector. These plants require power solutions both on the demand side, including efficiency improvements and on the supply side including cogeneration to fulfill their needs in a changing regulatory landscape.

Our Services
The power specialists within WorleyParsons are uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions to these customer challenges. Our power specialists provide services across the five phases of an asset’s lifecycle corresponding to customer’s decision gates for project sanction.

Our Select business group provides consulting services to resource developers including:

  • Front-end and conceptual design
  • Value adding phases to maximize investment return and underlying confidence

Our Deliver business specialists offer a full-service approach to project delivery providing

  • Project management
  • Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services from detailed engineering, through vendor quality assurance, construction management, commissioning and start-up and operations

Our Improve business supports and improves customers’ assets throughout the operating lifecycle specializing in:

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Improving output and efficiency
  • Reducing production costs of plants
  • Operation and maintenance of power plants

Through the Power group’s close association with the WorleyParsons customer sector groups of Hydrocarbons and Minerals, Metals and Chemicals we are able to align ourselves with the power needs of the customers for resource projects within these industries.

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