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Advanced Solutions 

Advanced Solutions 

WorleyParsons’ advanced solutions help our utility, hydrocarbon, mining and other industrial customers effectively generate their utility requirements (power, steam etc.) by maximizing efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, and optimizing lifecycle costs.

WorleyParsons is experienced in numerous advanced coal technologies including gasification, oxycombustion, carbon capture, supercritical/ ultra-supercritical design, solar-thermal integration, and much more.

WorleyParsons evaluates and designs gasification projects in an environmentally responsible manner to economically fuel new generation requirements, or refuel existing combined cycle plants. We are committed to an independent approach and work with all technology providers, including Siemens, Lurgi, GE Energy, Phillips 66, Shell, and British Gas/Lurgi.

Our customers around the globe are facing increasing requirements for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. To face these challenges, WorleyParsons considers a broad range of the potential carbon reduction options, such as carbon capture and carbon emission avoidance. We also analyze options for increased efficiency, cogeneration, or biomass co-utilization.

Increased efficiency options could include coal drying technology, cycle optimizations, upgrading of plant systems, or integrating solar.

WorleyParsons stays engaged with state-of-the-art material advances capable of providing advanced supercritical/ultra-supercritical steam conditions that directly improve plant efficiency and reduce emissions. Working with our global alliance partners, WorleyParsons develops carbon capture designs coupled with transportation of CO2 for sequestration or enhanced oil recovery.

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