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Bio Energy 

The Industry
Biomass presents a diverse and complex set of applications in power generation. Biomass resources are sourced from plant and animal derived materials which provide fuel and feedstock for a variety of energy processes - an enormous source of energy throughout the world. While much of this is used for direct heating and cooking, biomass may be used as a fuel for direct use in power generation, as a feedstock for the production of syngas for power generation, or as a precursor for the processing of liquid fuels and chemicals.

Biomass can come from a variety of sources, including grain crops, woody plantations, animal manure, human sewage and can even be derived from algae.  The technologies required to use these fuels vary from direct boilers, to fluidised bed reactors, to standard reciprocating engines and very complex chemical plants.

Our Services
Our biomass specialists have a broad and up-to-date knowledge of current project development and bio-energy issues. WorleyParsons helps our customers’ teams navigate the complex energy landscape to minimize risk and develop successful projects.

WorleyParsons’ extensive experience supporting the development and execution of various biomass projects includes:

  • Dedicated power generation
  • Coal to biomass co-firing and conversions
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications
  • Landfill gas and biogas utilisation
  • Gasification
  • Biofuels

WorleyParsons understands the interplay between the various parameters of biomass projects such as fuel supply, material handling, technology options, plant location, performance demands, equipment options, logistics, transmission interconnection, environmental constraints and project economics. Our team of combustion, boiler, material handling, gasification and process engineers, combined with our power cycles engineering staff, provides a full range of services to the biomass industry from technology development, conceptual design and feasibility studies through detailed design, procurement and construction management.

We also operate and maintain biomass plants, and for some clients have examined the options available, championed and driven the project to financial close, undertaken detailed design, procurement, project management, construction management and now operate the project.  Such alignment with clients can include alliances, risk reward positions and various other contracting methodologies.


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