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Geothermal capability 

The Industry
Geothermal resources range from shallow ground steam sources to hot water and rock several miles below the Earth’s surface and even farther down to the molten rock called magma. Three types of geothermal power plants are operating today:

  • Dry Steam plants which directly use geothermal steam to turn turbines
  • Flash Steam plants which route hot and highly pressurized geothermal fluids from wells through expansion/separation vessels and use the resulting flashed steam to drive turbines
  • Binary Cycle plants which route moderately hot geothermal fluid through a heat exchanger, vaporising a secondary fluid with a lower boiling point than water, which then drives the turbines.

Our Services
WorleyParsons' geothermal specialists are experienced in all three types of plants and have the capability to provide the design services as well as permitting and feasibility assessments or estimates for a broad range of geothermal and heat recovery scenarios.

WorleyParsons provides a full range of plant engineering services to the geothermal power industry. Our team has experience with the specialized requirements of geothermal plants, including non-condensable gas extraction and treatment, steam turbine selection, condensate abatement systems, chemical treatment systems, mercury abatements systems and binary cycles.


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