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Solar Power 

The Industry
Solar power has seen a rapid expansion in recent years as the price of technologies have fallen dramatically and cleaner energy solutions are sought. Solar power plants at a utility-scale are either:

  • Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP)
  • Photovoltaic Power (PV)

Our solar power specialists have extensive experience and capability in the full range of commercially available solar technologies including:

  • parabolic troughs
  • dish/engines
  • power towers
  • Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector
  • CPV and PV

Our Services
Our solar expertise also includes:

  • Conversion and storage of solar energy enabling system stability and dispatch at market opportune periods
  • Future technology including Integrated Solar Cycles (combines solar technology with conventional fossil plants to generate high-value, for example combining solar power with a gas turbine plant) and dispatchable power
  • Full range of engineering disciplines to all phases of an asset lifecycle including utility-scale solar power plant development and design
  • All elements required to develop reliable, operable, cost effective and financeable solar power projects including permitting and site selection
  • Full PMC/OE/EPCM services and operations Improve services
  • Power network services including the study, negotiation, design and implementation of grid connections including in weaker system area where enabling technologies such as control or energy storage are sometimes required

WorleyParsons offers customers local capability with global reach to undertake solar power projects anywhere in the world with particular experience in the U.S., southern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Central Asia.  Our customers include major solar utilities and power producers including Arizona Public Service, Cogentrix, Iberdrola, LS Power, Pacific Gas & Electric , Southern California Edison, and SolarReserve as well as involvement in government solar programs including NREL, Sandia, USTDA, the Australian Solar Energy Institute, the Australian Solar Flagships Program and the U.S. Department of Defence.

WorleyParsons is a world leader in solar energy providing engineering services for both Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic Power (PV) technologies with over 50 CSP projects and 25 PV utility-scale projects to our credit around the world.


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