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Solar Power Technologies 

Solar Power Technologies 

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP)
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power utilizes parabolic troughs, dish/engines, power towers and Compact Linear Fresnel Reflectors (CLFR) technologies to capture direct solar insolation through mirrors to concentrate the energy onto elements where the heat energy is extracted and used to create electricity or used for other industrial processes.

Differences in the technologies relate to how mirrors are arrayed and used as well as heat collection elements and energy transport. CSP has numerous benefits including:

  • Extraction of heat rather than direct conversion to electricity allowing storage of energy for use during cloudy weather and at night
  • Can be combined with natural gas in hybrid power plants to provide higher value and dispatchable power
  • Direct use of heat for processes such as steam raising or even the production of syn-gas through reformation

Our CSP Services
WorleyParsons expertise in CSP assists customers to find and implement the best technology to complement their project and includes solar resource assessment, site selection, plant design point and annual performance simulation, plant design and cost estimating, construction management, acceptance testing and plant operation and maintenance.

Photovoltaic (PV) technologies produce electricity directly from the sun and are widely used throughout the world.  A key advantage of PV is that it is rugged, simple and continues to decrease in price as production capacity around the world increases and the technology becomes more mainstream.

PV technologies include flat plate silicon modules (monocrystalline or polycrystalline), thin film modules (amorphous silicon, CdTe, or CIGS), and concentrating PV (CPV). The technologies have faced rapid expansion and are matched by the supporting balance of system components such as the mounting system, cabling, and power conversion technologies.

Our PV Services
WorleyParsons offers customers a range of services to their utility-scale PV projects including technology evaluation, siting, permitting support, site layout design, performance modelling, and operation and maintenance projections.

WorleyParsons expertise in PV plants assists customers in choice of PV technology and critical design questions for the development of a reliable PV system including application, geographic location, insolation characteristics and project objectives.



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