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Renewable Technologies 

Strategic Renewable Assessment, Enablers & Other Technologies 

Strategic renewable assessment
Our customers face numerous issues related to renewable energy and can benefit from the broad experience of WorleyParsons. In particular, issues of generation technology selection where renewables are considered along with fossil fueled technologies, project and program development, broad-scale constraint assessment, policy development and integration into electrical systems on large national scales.

Our Services 
Our strategic renewable assessment specialists have experience in:

  • Large scale resource and constraint mapping
  • Assessment of novel transmission solutions to unlock new renewable resource areas
  • Renewable potential
  • Advising Governments on policy settings
  • Advising on, and helping to understand, renewable investment decisions including the assessment of project externalities in financial modeling

Projects of this type often involve elements outside of the electricity generation world which enables WorleyParsons to bring our services and expertise from across the wider business spectrum and it is this offering that appeals to many customers considering options and issues that require broad thinking.

Key to the future of renewables is their integration into and role within large energy systems which will likely require the use of key technology enablers such as:

  • Energy storage - including compressed air, chemical and potential energy sources
  • Smart energy - particularly the interaction between smart enabled loads and renewable generation
  • Grid connectivity - including the impact on other forms of generation and the stability of systems

WorleyParsons works in all of these areas and has recently undertaken significant roles both in the study and deployment of enablers.  While these continue to develop, innovation will be a primary driver and WorleyParsons will use its exceptional experience base in the power industry to ensure the full potential of renewable energy is realized.

Other Technologies
A wide range of technologies associated with renewable energy are still emerging.  WorleyParsons has contributed to numerous studies or development of these technologies as well as maintaining an active representation on research advisory bodies in several countries.

Ocean Energy, for example, is a field of renewables that is receiving more attention, particularly as the resource is considered to be very large and almost completely untapped.  This energy resource can be used to generate electricity or drive water desalination, by extracting energy from waves, tidal movements, ocean currents or even deep water temperature differentials.  WorleyParsons has undertaken several ocean energy studies in the past few years.

WorleyParsons continues to be involved with new renewable technologies including novel hydro and biomass opportunities and new solar and wind technologies.  Our significant experience across a wide technical base is proving very valuable in the development of new ideas and technologies in power generation.  

Project Delivery

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