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Renewable Energy 

The Industry
Power generation is evolving throughout the world, driven by emission issues, policy and transforming markets. An increased interest in generation alternatives, including renewable energy has developed and this brings new challenges around issues of deployment, technology, risk, price and integration. These challenges apply to small businesses with considerable electricity cost exposure; utilities struggling with changing portfolios or looking to reduce carbon emissions; or a business simply looking to source cleaner energy.

Renewable energy covers a diverse range of technologies and deployment concepts.  These are zero or low emission generation technologies whose “fuel” resource is virtually inexhaustible including  solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass resources. These “fuels” are also free of price and supply volatility, a key renewable energy advantage.

The renewable energy industry is maturing fast with deployment at utility-scale becoming routine. While high generation cost has been a primary concern for renewables, the size of the industry is reaching more efficient economies and this has put downward pressure on prices;  in some applications now, renewables are a purely commercial proposition. Renewable energy has been used for many years in commercial power generation, particularly hydroelectric, and only recently other forms have appeared for mainstream use.  This diverse mix of technologies provides both opportunities and challenges to the power industry.

Our Services

  • Our renewable energy specialists have extensive experience across the industry and a diverse range of customers including:
  • Extensive knowledge of power generation to navigate choices and challenges of renewable installations
  • Collaboration with technical capabilities within the WorleyParsons Group including offshore marine structures, resource assessment, project constraint mapping, and advanced computational fluid dynamics
  • Assessment, feasibility, delivery and operational expertise including business decision advice, permitting and planning, and plant asset management - adding value across the full renewable energy spectrum

The renewable energy power group assists our customers to find appropriate power solutions by offering a comprehensive suite of technical, project and business services including:

Our specialists' expertise spans the renewable energy technologies spectrum including including emerging industries:

  • Solar (PV and CSP)
  • Wind
  • Bio-energy
  • Geothermal
  • Hydro
  • Multiple technology and integrated fossil/renewable hybrid options
  • Others, such as ocean energy, energy storage, and others in the research and development phases

Comprehensive Services
Making decisions about renewables – where to invest, what technologies, how to integrate, finance and deploy them.

  • Advising Governments on policy development, incentive programs and the focus of research
  • Assessing large, regional scale renewable strategies across siting, technologies, interconnection, deployment and market constraints
  • Emissions reduction or fugitive offset strategies
  • Financial assessment including services including PPA's, off-take and connection agreements, including green certificates
  • Engineering expertise including front end and detailed design across various elements of renewable projects
  • Program and project management (PMC, EPCM)
  • Integration of renewables into existing power plant portfolios
  • Project feasibility studies, technology selections, optimizations and portfolio integrations
  • Plant site evaluation and selection, including the use of sophisticated GIS based mapping and hierarchical constraint assessments
  • Fossil/renewable hybrids analysis and design
  • Plant cost estimates and cost/benefit analyses
  • System modeling and network access negotiations
  • Performance predictions, resource monitoring and mapping
  • Environmental Impact Studies and permitting
  • Specification preparation, contract negotiation and procurement
  • Plant operations and maintenance

WorleyParsons works extensively across the renewable energy industry for a wide range of customers.  Our roles are diverse, mirroring the complexity of our business and the expertise we can offer ranging from small, discrete consultancies to management of full project delivery. 

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