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Tim ShaddickTim Shaddick
Melbourne, Australia
Graduate Process Engineer

“I started at WorleyParsons as a Graduate Process Engineer in 2011, after participating in the vacation work program in 2009/2010. Over the ensuing period, I have been fortunate enough to have gained extensive gas processing experience through the Origin Yolla MLE Project in its various stages, from Front End Engineering Design through to construction and commissioning.
My work has involved conducting various process calculations, constructing and manipulating a dynamic model of the platform and generating offshore commissioning procedures intended for use during startup. I will also gain the opportunity to visit the platform during commissioning.
WorleyParsons has offered me a chance to engage in a variety of interesting and challenging tasks intended to stretch my abilities and understanding, and furthering my development as an engineer.“ 


Sharon Gray
Brisbane, Australia
Graduate Hydrogeologist

“I began working for WorleyParsons as a Graduate Hydrogeologist in March, 2010. I have worked on many projects, mainly focussing on the Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
industry’s need to sustainably manage groundwater resources. This work has been extremely challenging, allowing me to gain technical experience which is rare so early in my career.

The Graduate Program has allowed me to develop other professional skills. I undertook business training so that I could meet client’s needs and expectations in the often varied world of Environmental Consulting. I also been mentored by hydrogeologists not only from Australia, but overseas in an “International Community of Practice”.

Having moved up from Melbourne and away from my family and friends, I took the opportunity to meet new people through the social events organised by other graduates within the Graduate Development Organisation (GDO). I have met a lot of
excellent people through these events, and during my time at WorleyParsons. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”


Alyssa Nixon-Lloyd
Perth, Australia
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

“I started with WorleyParsons as a Vacation student in 2010. The vacation work gave me a broad understanding of ‘what engineers do’ and helped me now that I am a WorleyParsons graduate employee. Everyone was very friendly and willing to talk and share their experience. I worked on two different iron ore projects - the work was varied and exposed me to both the technical and commercial side of projects. It was certainly an eye-opener as we did not learn this at university.”


Ani Grigorian, 
Monrovia, California
Process Engineer

"When I started my career at WorleyParsons in 2005 in Monrovia, California (USA) in the Process Department, the opportunity they offered me, as a young graduate was more than I had ever expected.

My first assignment involved the preparation of a Process Design Package (PDP) for the Claus Sulfur Recovery (SRU) and Tail Gas Treating (TGTU) units for Petrobras, Curitiba, Brazil.  My next assignment was the modernization of the New Zealand Refining Company (NZRC). I was assigned the responsibilities of validation of the licensor project specifications and preparation of equipment data sheets for cost estimation. My activities involved process simulation and equipment sizing, pump head calculations and piping hydraulic calculations. I was also assigned to the revamp of the Crude unit, increasing its capacity by 40%."


Thomas Pinches
London, United Kingdom
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

I joined Worley Parsons in 2005 as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in London, United Kingdom, in the Hydrocarbons business unit. Since then I have been working on a number of projects including the detail design and follow on work on the Sakhalin II project. This involved developing, completing and updating datasheets, specifications, requisitions and review of technical bids for procurement. I also was involved in the review of technical drawings, documentation and helping to solve technical queries.

Currently I’m working in Singapore on the Singapore Single Parallel Train (SPT) project as a Mechanical Construction Engineer liaising with the design engineering team defining multidiscipline scopes of work and creating Work -Packs and Jobpacks to plan for both Turnaround and Project Activities. I’ve been responsible for compiling Jobpack dossiers to be presented to the Client as well as the sub contractors to allow them to plan, fabricate and install on site scopes of work.

Whilst I was in the UK, WorleyParsons enabled me to go on many external Energy Industries Council (EIC) Workshops. These were excellent to give a real “hands-on” feel of what the equipment looks like in “real life”. I have also benefited from internal presentations from both WorleyParsons personnel and outside Vendors.

Being a Graduate in the very busy Hydrocarbon sector, there has been no better time to gain excellent experience and travel, especially in a global company such as WorleyParsons.


Jonathan Rennie
Bellaire, West Loop South
Engineering Systems

"My journey with WorleyParsons began in the summer of 2005. To date, I have worked with the Engineering Systems department. This department works with all projects to manage, administer, and develop various engineering software systems that projects need to function on schedule and within budgetary restrictions. Although my degree is in electrical and computer engineering, I have been able to expand my skill-set in all areas by becoming involved in the various phases of project execution. I have also been given several opportunities to get involved in leadership roles and meet with many personnel worldwide.

From the moment I joined the organization, it was clear that WorleyParsons is a global business. There are special commitments within the organization to see that graduates develop into people who can continue to lead through formal training, mentoring, and organizational rotations. WorleyParsons also emphasizes the needs to build relationships with your coworkers. Activities outside of work are planned to help foster these relationships. Community Service, recreational sports teams, and various social outings are just a few of the planned activities that the Program sponsors for the graduates.

Various informational sessions and resources have also helped me to further develop my vision for my career. I have used this knowledge to work with my mentor and manager to form a plan, and will continue to usilize the investment the company is making in the development of my career."


Joe BonettJoe Bonett
Melbourne, Australia
Engineer Manager

“I joined WorleyParsons back in 1993 as a graduate from The University of Melbourne.  I commenced my career as a structural engineer and was able to work my way through a variety of technical roles and then move into team leadership.

In my time with the organisation, I have had an opportunity to work and engage with numerous great people and across a variety of interesting projects. 

WorleyParsons has been a great place for me to work and I would recommend it to any engineer wanting to establish their career and experience projects across different industries, locations and customers.  The global footprint of the company definitely provides a wealth of opportunities and life experiences.” 


Bronwyn Graeffe
Reading, Pennsylvania
Chemical Engineer

"I joined WorleyParsons in 2004 as a member of the Air Quality Control (AQC) group working from the Reading, Pennsylvania office in the United States. Since my arrival, I have been involved with several retrofit coal fired power plant projects. These projects involved adding AQC technology to an operating power plant, enabling it to emit cleaner gasses.

I have gained valuable experience working on several other AQC projects, which involved engineering and equipment design, equipment specification, layout, and procurement for the various AQC technologies and equipment.

I have also had the opportunity to get involved with the community through several WorleyParsons projects, such as the Christmas Sharing Program that benefits children in the area, and Tournament 4 Life, which is a golf tournament initiated by WorleyParsons and heald each year to raise money for the American Cancer Society."

Ben LewisBen Lewis
Perth, Australia
Graduate Marine/ Coastal Engineer

“I joined WorleyParsons in 2011 as a graduate Coastal and Marine Engineer in the Ports and Marine Terminals Group. This group is involved in marine structural and coastal engineering projects. During my time at WorleyParsons I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including small scale assessments of marine facilities to larger projects such as design for ports of mining infrastructure developments.

My exposure to a variety of projects early in my career at WorleyParsons has developed my professional skills that have enabled me able to confront the engineering challenges I am exposed to. My professional skills have also been developed through the Graduate Development Program. There are a number of courses and training that cannot be taught on the job that this program allows you to learn. The social aspect is also a winner; I have met a lot of interesting people from a range of disciplines by being involved in the program.

The varied experiences gained as a young engineer at WorleyParsons have helped shape my professional career and I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to the experiences still to come.”

Shruti GuptaShruti Gupta
Perth, Australia
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

“I started at WorleyParsons as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in 2011. Over the ensuing period, I have been fortunate enough to have gained extensive experience in large scale hydrocarbons projects such as Pluto and North Rankin 2. I have spent 8 months in Karratha on Pluto site, which was a fantastic opportunity as it allowed me to visually understand the work and its applications. I have also gained 4 weeks offshore site-work on NRB as-building P&IDs for compressor trains and turbines, which was another memorable experience.

My work has also involved creating datasheets for various mechanical equipment’s (vessels, heat exchangers, air compressors, etc.), technical bid evaluations for those equipment’s, answering technical queries from site and preparing mod-packs for works to be carried out on site.

WorleyParsons has offered me a chance to engage in a variety of interesting and challenging tasks intended to stretch my abilities and understanding, and furthering my development as an engineer.”


Sanjaya SulitsyoSanjaya Sulitsyo
Melbourne, Australia
Senior Process Engineer

“As a Senior Process Engineer, my experience has varied; I have covered all aspects, at various times, from conventional onshore and offshore upstream oil and gas through to deep water developments and heavy oil in the Canadian tar sands. I have also worked on a range of projects from the concept evaluation phase, through Front End Engineering Design, detailed design and commissioning and start-up.
With WorleyParsons I’ve travelled to Malaysia, UK, Singapore and Canada - where I witnessed the northern lights and conquered minus 40 degree nights. I’ve learnt how to determine the status of a project and how it needs to progress in order to successfully deliver projects, and lead multi-disciplinary teams.
What I like about WorleyParsons is the flexibility, the people and the capacity to move and connect with the various offices and people I have met along the way.”


Melissa DavinMelissa Davin
Perth, Australia
Graduate Process Engineer

“I joined the Graduate Development Program in February of 2012 relocating from Melbourne to the office in Perth. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of areas and on various projects. I started off in the Metals and Minerals area where I worked on the design of a haematite iron ore facility. I had exposure to Process Flow Diagram and Process and Instrument Diagram development.

I then had the opportunity to rotate into the hydrocarbons area and work on a brownfields FPSO project. In this role I was able to view the HAZOP close-out procedure which included learning how to size PSV’s and perform various other calculations as well as marking up existing Process and Instrumentation Diagrams for re-drafting.

I’ve also had the opportunity to join the Graduate Development Organisation who are responsible for organising graduate events, lunch and learns and advertising rotations to the graduate committee. This role has allowed me to get a better understanding of how the business works and make networks with other graduates and senior management.”


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