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Careers at WorleyParsons 

Graduate Development Program 

Your development means everything to us because you are the future of WorleyParsons.

WorleyParsons will help you shape the next vital phases in your career development and guide you to your ultimate objectives. That's why we've developed a truly innovative and dynamic Graduate Development Program (GDP) that's been expertly structured to provide you with the maximum breadth and depth of engineering experience during your first three years in the workforce.

Graduate Development Organizations (GDOs)

The collective voice of our graduates, supported by the collective insights of our top professionals. GDOs are established by graduates themselves and allow them to pool their resourcesand oursas they manage their careers.

The purpose of these organizations is to support graduate development and work with management to ensure the Graduate Development Program continues to be a success.  The GDOs also bring networking opportunities to our graduates, facilitate the coordination of mentors and rotations, and ensure that the commitments made to GDP participants are fulfilled.

A Graduate Advisory Board, which comprises members of upper management and Human Resources, acts as an advisory team to the GDO and is ready and waiting to support initiatives and schemes developed by you and your fellow graduates. GDO representatives meet with the Graduate Advisory Board regularly to report on progress and gain feedback.

Mentor and Buddy Schemes

You'll never feel you're in unchartered territory, with your own personal guides at your side.

Starting at a new company can be a daunting process, so you can chose a Mentor who will help you to set your career course within WorleyParsons. Our Mentors are senior employees who will take an active interest in your development, through a process of creating openness, sharing knowledge and valuing our organizational wisdom. Mentoring helps you acquire skills, raise your profile in the company, increase your confidence, provide career advice, and enhance your understanding of the business. 

The Buddy program is also used to help you integrate into the company by giving you a point of contact who isn’t a Manager or Mentor, but rather a fellow, more experienced graduate. Your Buddy will be available to give advice and tips during the early period of employment to help you learn about your role, the company, and the Graduate Development Program.


Everything you need to clearly define all your goalsor even re-define them.

Rotations ensure that graduates receive exposure to a variety of projects, phases, sectors and locations in the WorleyParsons business. This program will further develop your breadth and depth of work experience and business management skills, while meeting your own career goals. Interstate and international rotation opportunities may also be offered as part of your development.

Graduate Forums

Thoughts, opinions and ideas, expressed in forums—bursting with vitality.

You might be new on the WorleyParsons scene, but right from the start, your opinions count and your ideas matter! Our stimulating Graduate Forums are run and attended by the Graduate Development Organization at regular intervals throughout the year. These forums will provide you with an opportunity to mingle with peers, gain direct exposure to GDP activities, learn about all the latest opportunities and activities at WorleyParsons, and express your own observations. Guest speakers are frequently invited to provide graduates with a broad career focus and exciting industry insights.

Technical and professional development training

Taking you to the horizon of your own expectationsand beyond.

With WorleyParsons, your future isn't just about attaining your initial targets; it's about surpassing them and experiencing ongoing opportunities and increased capabilities, keeping you at the very forefront of your profession. Each year, in addition to the technical training offered that is discipline and role-specific, we offer special, customized business management courses, aimed at developing graduates into true all round professionals. Themes include: managing self, managing relationships, and managing within a team. With WorleyParsons, you're going to be ready for anything and everything a great career will offer you.

Networking and Social Events

The ideal foundations for the wonderful careerand invaluable relationshipsyou'll soon be building.

The GDO places high priority on networking and building strong relationships between members, both in and out of the workplace, through networking and social events such as corporate sports, charity events and after work mixers. This will smooth the way by introducing you to like-minded people of your own age group with whom you can share your learning experiences. GDO activities are selected by the members themselves and always ensure the best time possible!

Local and Global Reach Via the Graduate Intranet Site

An internal intranet site managed by the Graduate Leadership Teams (GLT) provides an invaluable source of information for our graduates around the globe, including training presentations and notes, former and current issues of the graduate newsletters, general documentation, GDO organisational charts, a calendar of events, and a very lively discussion board! Also located on the site are images from GDO-sponsored events and a "Who’s Who" section with member profiles.

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