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Vacation Testimonials 


 Niveda Koshal
Graduate Chemical Engineer
EOS Oil & Gas Services Joint Venture

 “I worked as an undergraduate Process Engineer for my vacation work.  I worked on an international onshore and offshore project and had an opportunity to work with high profile clients.  My work consisted of process modeling and calculations.  The work was challenging and enjoyable.  The people and the working environment at WorleyParsons made the university to working life transition easy. “


 Jeremy Teo
Graduate Engineer, Process
Eos Oil & Gas Services Joint Venture
Woodside NR2 Project

 “Whilst undertaking vacation employment at WorleyParsons I was presented with many challenging and rewarding experiences and opportunities. It provided me an invaluable chance to learn much about the realities of the engineering industry and greatly aided in my professional development”.


Arvind Natarajan
HSE Advisor
WorleyParsons Limited, Hydrocarbons

 "My vacation work at WorleyParsons was a great opportunity, as I was able gain valuable insight into the engineering industry. We got to experience what it would really be like to work as a professional engineer."

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