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The Recruitment Process 

Our intention is to hire the best possible person for the available position whilst ensuring you have the information you need to decide that this is the role and company that you wish to join to pursue your chosen career path.

Stage 1: You apply
After selecting the role(s) you wish to apply for, you will complete a short application process

Stage 2: We both discuss
If you meet the criteria for the role, we will discuss your application, your experience and what we are looking for. Usually this is achieved by your visiting our offices and meeting with a recruiter and the personnel you will be working with. This process is very much two way as it is vital you get to know us and our working culture.

Stage 3: We do some checks
We may conduct a number of background checks to ensure you are suitable for the role applied for. You will be advised if you need to complete any forms for these checks to be conducted.

Stage 4: We both decide
If you are happy with us and we are happy with you, then we ask you to join with a verbal and then written offer of employment providing all the information you need to start your new career and we prepare for you to join our team.

Interview tips

Interviews can take many different forms, from a social discussion, a telephone conversation or a formal face-to-face interview. Whatever the situation, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to show us you’re the best person for the job and the team. Interviewing is a two way conversation so it is also our chance to explain more about the job, the team and company so we can both make the right decision.

Your past experience is important and we want to know about your technical capability but we also want to know about you. We want to know what qualities you have that are special, maybe what makes you different from other applicants and at the same time, we can discuss the WorleyParsons’ values and our differentiators. The interview is an important meeting for both you and WorleyParsons, so here are a few things to help get the most out of it.

Be prepared
Find out as much as you can about WorleyParsons, its operations, business units, past projects and people. What impresses you so much about our company that you want to join us? The information on this site is a great place to start. Think about some questions you may be asked and also the questions you need to ask to make your decision. Know the location of time and time of the interview and the name of the person you’re going to talk to. Think about how you will make the right impression and what you need to bring such as resume, qualifications, visas and any relevant examples of work.

Do a trial run
Interviews are generally easier if you know what you’re talking about and have properly prepared. One way to do this is to a trial run of the interview with someone you know. Our questions are aimed at finding out as much about you as possible. Have a number of examples ready about your past experience that you can draw on to show the challenges you have faced and what you did to solve them.

Try to relax
Proper preparation, a good night’s rest, and some deep breaths should help to reduce the stress of an interview and aid you to make a great impression.

Make an impression
There’s not much time in interviews so be clear, concise and truthful with your answers. A positive and enthusiastic conversation is much more enjoyable and will make the final decision-making process much easier.

At the end of the interview, we will tell you what the next steps are. If you are successful, this could involve another interview, a meeting with the team or an offer of employment. If you are unsuccessful, we will give you constructive feedback to help with future interviews and career goals.

Good luck and we look forward to meeting you.

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