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Best Country Sourcing 

WorleyParsons China will act as your company’s extension in China. We learn about your project needs and objectives and then put together a program to address them. We manage all the sourcing elements of a project procurement program, and we can do this for you quickly, efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

We help you optimize your China Sourcing. Our services take care of all the challenges that sourcing presents. Our professionals can guide you through language & culture barriers, the manufacturing process, and will find quality Chinese products and suppliers for your projects.

The Benefits of using China Sourcing Hub:

  • 14+ years proven results
  • A dedicated bilingual team that you can trust
  • A sourcing service tailored to your project needs and perfected to assure optimal results in the 3 key elements of sourcing: pricing, quality and on-time delivery
  • In-house professional qualified experts with extensive project execution experience to make sure your product arrives as specified
  • Uninterrupted service and communication link with the suppliers providing you with continual updates of your order
  • Highly qualified advice on China trends and procurement approaches
  • Through knowledge of Chinese and International standards
  • Strong relationships with local suppliers and international OEM’s
  • Extensive supplier database

Analysis of Sourcing Potential

  • Analyze current procurement needs
  • Review China supply market
  • Identify best solutions
  • Analyze cost savings
  • Present business proposal
  • Present sourcing strategy

Order Processing

  • Identify items to source and obtain “big picture” perspective of all elements of the project
  • Verify and confirm quality criteria and specification
  • Compile potential list of suppliers
  • Prequalify quotations and samples
  • Narrow down list of potential suppliers
  • Support with supplier selection
  • Communicate customers order placement parameters and terms with selected suppliers
  • Confirm suppliers understanding of quality criteria
  • Manage tendering and/or negotiating process


  • Control manufacturing process
  • Monitor compliance with standards and timelines
  • Perform required quality control inspection
  • Aid in shipping logistics
  • Manage order fulfillment and payment

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