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United States 

WorleyParsons is a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction management services across the US with outstanding health, safety and environmental performance.


USA operations


Our comprehensive network of offices enables us to provide local support to our customers backed by global expertise across our industry sector groups: Infrastructure, Hydrocarbons, Minerals, Metals & Chemicals.

Our US Operations include global hubs of engineering proficiency for refining, sulphur technology, arctic development, subsea systems, deepwater facilities, nuclear power and renewable energy. These hubs support domestic customers within the US and execution of mega-projects for international customers in Brazil, China, Russia, West Africa and Saudi Arabia, among others.

A major feature of our business is our partnering and small-projects capability, provided through our Improve suite of services. This brings the discipline and rigor usually associated with large projects to generate efficiencies and costs savings for small project portfolios—particularly those within a ‘live’ operating environment.

We are helping our customers respond to the challenges presented by economic downturn and regulatory uncertainty by:

  • Using our experience in carbon and water management to position customers for impending legislation.
  • Bringing best practices from our 150+ global alliances to enable customers to reduce costs and increase productivity, particularly in mature industries such as steel

We continue to advance our leadership position in renewable energy including photovoltaic solar, concentrating thermal solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.

WorleyParsons is also building a presence within the fast growing government sector through a multi-services approach, lead by our Infrastructure team. This will enable us to support government-funded initiatives and balance reductions in the private sector spend.

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