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WorleyParsons denies any relationship with Unaoil


WorleyParsons is aware of a series of articles appearing in the Huffington Post and Fairfax media.

The articles concern the alleged activities of Unaoil in securing contracts in the oil and gas industry across a number of countries.

ASX Release


WorleyParsons is committed to honest and ethical conduct and complying with the law across its global business.

In relation to the matters raised in the articles, the company confirms:

  • WorleyParsons has no relationship and has never retained or paid Unaoil;
  • WorleyParsons informed Fairfax of this before the articles were published;
  • WorleyParsons had and still has governance processes to ensure any agents engaged by WorleyParsons are committed to acting ethically in the course of the agency agreement. These processes include the requirement of an independent external due diligence report on the agent and associated parties prior to appointment, specific contractual terms to be included in agency agreements and an express commitment by the agent to comply with WorleyParsons’ Code of Conduct, including confirmation that they will comply with all applicable corruption and anti-bribery legislation;
  • At the time referred to in the articles, WorleyParsons did have an agent, not Unaoil, which was subject to an agency agreement in accordance with these processes. This agent signed a commitment to act ethically in the course of the agency agreement. Our association with Stefano Borghi was as a representative of the agent, and so he was also bound by these processes and this commitment;
  • In accordance with our usual policy, we investigate all allegations that raise concerns.


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