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Kallpa CC Conversion Project

Kallpa CC Conversion Project 
270 MW
Capacity Increase
Office: Chattanooga, Tennessee and Reading, Pennsylvania 
Customer: Kallpa Generacion 
Location: Chilca, Peru 
Timeframe: 2008-2009 
Due to the project location being in a highly seismic area of Peru, WorleyParsons needed to design all plant structures to meet the requirements demanded by the regions seismic conditions.
The Kallpa III Project provided one (1) additional simple cycle combustion turbine unit to the existing Brownfield site.  The facility was constructed wholly on-shore.  The unit was installed directly adjacent to two (2) other simple cycle combustion turbines.

The project consisted of one Siemens model SSC6-5000F combustion turbine generator (CTG), formerly known as the 501F, along with associated auxiliary equipment necessary for operation of the unit.  The unit has a nominal rating of 192 MW and is designed for base load and part load. The unit is designed for operation on natural gas only and is air cooled.

The plant is a complete outdoors plant, with no buildings enclosing the equipment, other than enclosures provided by Siemens.  The unit is arranged on the site in a configuration parallel to the existing unit with the generator step-up transformer adjacent to the existing transformer.

In recognition of project excellence, Siemens’ corporate office in Erlangen, Germany presented the Kallpa III Project Manager and team with the “Best Execution Project 2010” award. This is an internal award for Siemens, corporately acknowledging project delivery accomplishments. Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area where more than 80% of the seismic activity in the world occurs, the Peru project site presented a seismic challenge that foundation design must meet requirements of Seismic Zone 4. WorleyParsons’ foundation design tolerated an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the area, validating the design for the customer.
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