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Narrow Gauge Articulated Container Wagons for Queensland

Narrow Gauge Articulated Container Wagons for Queensland 
new narrow gauge articulated wagon designs
Office: Melbourne 
Customer: Toll Rail 
Location: Queensland, Australia 
Timeframe: 2003-2013 

Customer Challenges

WorleyParsons was engaged to assist in the development of a business case for a new intermodal freight operation in Queensland. Customer challenges included:

  • The high risk nature of the project given no existing rail operation could be used as a fall back position
  • Determining the optimum wagon fleet configuration
  • Accreditation for the wagons.

Project Services

WorleyParsons was responsible for:
  • Determining the optimum wagon fleet configuration to match the projected freight task of the new business
  • Detail design of the wagons
  • Procurement technical support
  • Full manufacturing documentation 
  • Fabrication, assembly support and manufacturing quality audits
  • Wagon static and dynamic testing, reporting and advice

Certification of the articulated wagon classes and MKA class locomotives to QR Safety & Security Management System.


  • Careful management of rolling stock design, accreditation, acquisition and commissioning was critical to the successful start-up of the new business.
  • Simulation software was developed and utilized to identify the optimal wagon configuration to minimize 'whole of life' costs.

The optimal wagon configuration identified and designed by WorleyParsons comprised of three (3) articulated wagons with various combinations of 40’ and 48’ platform lengths. This is the first time in the world articulation technology has been successfully applied to container wagons.

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