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North Pailin Project

tonnes of topsides supported
Office: Perth, KL, Jakarta, Bangkok and Melbourne 
Customer: Unocal (Now Chevron) 
Location: Gulf of Thailand, Thailand 
Timeframe: 1998 - 2002 
The North Pailin Central Processing Platform (NPCPP) is located in the Gulf of Thailand in 189ft of water depth.

WorleyParsons was involved in this offshore gas/condensate facilities development from preliminary through Detailed Engineering and procurement, support for construction and eventually installation.

Unocal’s North Pailin Central Processing Platform (NPCPP) comprised an eight leg piled jacket (2200 short tonnes) standing in a water depth of 189 ft.  The jacket supported 8000 tonnes of topsides comprising a MSF, two processing modules, a cooler module and a LQ module.  A flare tripod structure was connected to NPCPP by a 400 ft bridge.  Up to eight remote wellhead platforms will be installed during the field life.

This project was both under-budget and under-schedule with first gas delivered 24 days ahead of schedule.  WorleyParsons’ performance more than doubled industry design benchmarks for efficiency.

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