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Olympic Dam Expansion Prefeasibility

million nominal capital project value p.a.
Office: Adelaide, Santiago, Edmonton 
Customer: BHP Billiton 
Location: Olympic Dam, South Australia 
Timeframe: 2006 - 2007 
As part of the Olympic Dam Expansion Project (ODX), WorleyParsons in joint venture with SNCLavalin (WPSL) was commissioned to carry out a prefeasibility study of the greenfields expansion of the existing Olympic Dam facility.

The prefeasibility study for the ore processing facility reviewed the following:

  • New concentrator facility
  • New hydromet and uranium extraction facilities
  • New smelting facility
  • New refinery

A series of utilities were required for plant operation including air compressors and receivers, oxygen and nitrogen plants, acid plants and power generation.  This work scope included the following services:

  • Development of the project process design criteria and basis of design
  • Development of the mass, heat and water balances for the ore processing facilities
  • Establishment of a common platform of engineering standards and systems to be used across the project
  • Issue of specifications and data sheets to support Requests for Budget Quotations (RFBQs) for major engineered equipment that in turn supported the CAPEX estimate
  • Execution of sufficient engineering of the ore processing facilities to meet the requirements of BHP Billiton’s “Standard for a Prefeasibility Study” and to enable material take-offs (MTOs) required to support the CAPEX estimate
  • Development of a complete modularization study for the smelter and refinery to determine the cost, manpower and schedule benefits from offsite module construction
  • A series of evaluation studies were carried out in all processing areas including:
    • Greenhouse gas mitigation options
    • On-site power generation
    • Gold recovery optimization
    • Hydromet process improvement studies such as uranium solvent extraction, PLC clarification and copper deportment
    • Smelter process improvement studies such as granulation options, minor element deportment and matte feed to DBF.
  • Development of the capital cost (CAPEX) and operating cost (OPEX) estimates for the ore processing facilities, and consolidation of CAPEX and OPEX estimates for all ODX project facilities
  • Preparation of applicable inputs to the ODX PFS report for the ore processing facilities
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