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UCLA Chilled Water and Cogeneration Facility

USCLA Chilled Water and Cogeneration Facility 
20 Years
Efficient Cogeneration
Office: Reading, PA 
Customer: University of California at Los Angeles 
Location: Los Angeles, California 
Timeframe: 1993-2013 
In 1985 UCLA had a number of buildings that used steam absorption chillers that were near the end of their useful lives, and they needed a study performed to determine existing chiller load requirements and future load projections. They also required an aesthetically pleasing facility to maintain the architectural ambiance of the campus.

Following successful engineering design, procurement, and construction services for the 20,900-ton chilled water and 44 MW cogeneration facility in 1993, WorleyParsons assumed complete responsibility through an on-site staff for O&M services of the facility under a five year contract that was renewed in 1999 under a five-year extension agreement, and again in 2004. In 2004, UCLA awarded WorleyParsons a new five-year contract following a competitive bid process for continuing O&M services based on exemplary performance and competitive pricing. This new agreement expands the operation to include the campus chilled water storage and distribution system campus wide.

WorleyParsons provided the university with an attractive structure that was featured in Progressive Architecture for its design excellence. Along with the aesthetically pleasing design, the facility not only housed the plant, but also extra office space. WorleyParsons came up with a conceptual design that allowed for not only a new chiller, but also a cogeneration plant that would provide chilled water as well as electricity to the campus, and steam to other areas of the campus, which would remain on absorption refrigeration.

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