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Wheatstone Concept Selection Study

billion standard cubic feet per day upstream facilities
Office: Perth 
Customer: Chevron Australia Limited 
Location: NW Shelf, Western Australia 
Timeframe: 2007 - 2008 
The objective of this Select phase study is to optimize total long term economic and strategic value of the Wheatstone and Iago resources.

To address this objective, the study reviewed stand-alone and combined developments with other operators, multiple offshore development scenarios, multiple onshore site locations and multiple commercialization themes including LNG, GTL and domestic gas.

The study undertook the concept narrowing and selection for all upstream onshore and offshore facilities to process gas from the Wheatstone and Iago gasfields. Activities included the technical evaluation of a comprehensive range of development scenarios, the development of cost estimates, execution schedule, and basis of design development as well as supporting the Chevron team to meet its toll gating and internal approval requirements.

This concept selection study initially started with a very wide frame, considering a number of commercialization themes, production rates and onshore locations. WorleyParsons’ conceptual phase cost estimating system, Select or, enabled the rapid development of multiple concept estimates (over 50 in total) to meet Chevron’s requirements and support its investment decision.

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