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Voyageur Upgrade Hydrotreating Project

1 Million
safe man-hours worked
Office: Calgary, Canada 
Customer: Suncor 
Location: Fort McMurray, Canada 
Timeframe: 2006-2009 
The customer desired to increase the total Suncor oil sands production capability from 357 thousand barrels per calendar day (kbpcd) to 550 kbpcd.

WorleyParsons was responsible for the FEED, detailed design, engineering and procurement for the upgrader hydrotreating units (HTUs). The HTUs process the delayed coker side streams to reduce the sulphur content and produce coker gasoil, coker diesel, and coker naphtha.

To mitigate the effect of staffing challenges during a hot market, WorleyParsons utilized extensive modularization through small modules shippable within North America. This resulted in a 36% displacement of labor. By the end of the project, onsite and office personnel together achieved greater than 1 million man-hours worked without a recordable incident.

Nitrogen and aromatics content in products were reduced below market requirements, and naphtha octane loss was minimized. Other product indicators, such as the diesel cetane number, were improved. The resulting acid gas and sour water waste streams were sent to the sulphur recovery unit for processing.  Additionally, the HTUs’ catalyst beds and operation were optimized to obtain 30 months between bed replacements, reducing long-term maintenance costs for the customer.

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