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Engineering and Design 

WorleyParsons provides a range of differentiated engineering and design solutions to deliver our customers Safe and Sustainable Engineering for Asset Lifecycle (SEAL).

SEAL is a key component of WorleyParsons company-wide Enterprise Management System that ensures that WorleyParsons’, stakeholder and our customers’ requirements are incorporated into project delivery solutions.

SEAL consists of three elements:

  • Technical Integrity (TI) covers activities undertaken during project design to ensure the design conforms to relevant internal and statutory design codes as well as customer requirements. Conformance with these requirements typically results in operational and technical parameters that provide an acceptable level of safety.
  • Safety in Design (SID) covers activities (over and above those required to satisfy TI) that lead to inherently safe or safer asset lifecycle solutions
  • Sustainable design covers activities that lead to increased sustainability of asset lifecycle solutions and allow WorleyParsons and our customers the opportunity to approach zero harm to the environment. By utilizing our innovative EcoNomics™ solutions we are able to offer more sustainable project solutions that allow full allowance for externalities

The breadth and depth of WorleyParsons experience is demonstrated by the 18 recognized engineering disciplines that are supported by a large number of specialist groups. These include the common disciplines such as process, civil, mechanical, electrical, and instruments and controls that are complemented by specialist groups including geomatics, naval architecture, environmental, pipelines, safety and risk, advanced controls and materials/metallurgy.

Proven workshare processes and our leading edge knowledge management systems enable global resources to provide innovative and timely project solutions. Specialist engineering solutions and expertise are available to support each phase of development; Identify, Evaluate, Define, Execute and Operate

Design and Data Management Solutions
WorleyParsons approach to integrated engineering design and data management systems incorporate customized value-adding processes and automation whilst retaining flexibility to allow efficient use of the major engineering software solutions preferred by the industries we service. Recognizing the importance of data to our customers, our systems ensure the capture and handover of information to support asset lifecycle management.

Knowledge Management
WorleyParsons state of the art knowledge management system allows efficient capture and streamlined access to our global expertise. Disciplines and special interest group learning communities ensure knowledge sharing across the organization and allow efficient access for project delivery teams to the collective knowledge of the organization.

Global Resource Optimization & Project Delivery
Our work processes, technologies and systems optimize the use of our extensive global resources allowing multi-office execution following a proven workshare model that enables WorleyParsons to bring together worldwide resources and expertise in a collaborative, efficient, cost effective, and optimum manner to serve our customers across the globe. WorleyParsons can provide complete cost effective global project delivery solutions across engineering, procurement, global sourcing, modularization, pre-fabrication and construction.

Process Technology
WorleyParsons are highly skilled in assessing and integrating complex process technologies, ensuring the best solution for our customers. We retain a high degree of independence from technology ownership, although within specialist areas we can offer our own world class technologies.

Customer Sector Groups
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