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Mega Projects 

Across the global resource and energy markets the scale and complexity of projects continue to increase as owners seek the benefits achieved through aggregating process, power and infrastructure elements of projects and realize overall cost savings.

Owners are acknowledging that economic viability can only be achieved at a project
size that has not been previously attempted in the market. As a result, projects requiring an investment in excess of $1 billion – often referred to as mega‑projects – increasingly require to be delivered for our customers.

The skills and processes required to plan and deliver these projects are held by very
few companies. WorleyParsons possesses a rich history of mega‑project delivery, dating back to the 1970s for oil and gas projects on the Alaskan North Slope. We remain committed to helping our customers deliver mega‑projects in an increasingly challenging project delivery environment.

"The successful delivery of complex mega‑projects requires the effective management of numerous interrelated variables – often on a global scale. Our unique combination of experience and global presence, coupled with the proven WorleyParsons Project Management Process, ensures we seek to safely and consistently deliver projects in line with our customers’ expectations, even in the most challenging project environments."

William Hall
Global Director of Mega‑Projects

 Bill Hall joined Parsons in 1979 as a Project Manager, and was involved in mega‑projects until 1989, when he moved into line management and was responsible for all projects including mega‑projects. Bill subsequently became Chairman and CEO of Parsons E&C and later the steward of the merger of Worley and Parsons E&C. In recognition of the specialist execution strategies, management skills and personnel retention challenges associated with this strategically important element of our business, Bill was recently appointed as the Managing Director, Mega‑Projects responsible to support all mega‑projects throughout WorleyParsons.

Project Delivery
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