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Delivering from concept to completion

During the Deliver phase, WorleyParsons converts the highest potential value options identified in the Select phase into fully defined, safe and successfully executed projects, realizing maximum value for our customers.

Each year, WorleyParsons helps its customers to take thousands of projects from their formative Select phase through to successful handover and operation. Our ability to safely and consistently deliver projects large and small, across a range of industries and environments, in line with our customer expectations, is testament to our project delivery capability.

The teams that deliver projects have extensive and diversified experience, enabling them to:

  • Define the development
  • Execute the project safely, post-sanction


During the Define phase, our teams optimize the technical scope, capital cost, schedule and execution plans for the selected developments. This includes appropriate front-end loading to maximize the value in the investment decision prior to project sanction. To ensure that the decision making process is robust, WorleyParsons utilizes:

  • Technical specialists to manage the efficiency and technical integrity of the design
  • Practises such as process simplification, value engineering and constructability reviews to maximize value
  • Experienced teams with a deep practical knowledge within their respective industries to prepare best-fit contract execution strategies
  • Cost and schedule benchmarking to provide probabilistic capital and operating cost estimates and implementation schedules  


Following project sanction, WorleyParsons mobilizes an Execute phase project team, with the full range of EPCM or PMC capabilities and experience. Our past performance demonstrates our comprehensive ability to deliver projects for customers facing a variety of challenges, including tight schedules, remote and logistically constrained sites and unique or innovative environmental or technological considerations.

Throughout the Execute phase, our teams provide our customers with support extending from detailed engineering through to full engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) and project management consultancy (PMC) services. Our experience enables us to:

  • Establish projects rapidly and align our teams with our customers, contractors and other stakeholders
  • Develop appropriate health, safety and environmental strategies tailored to suit the project requirements
  • Workshare effectively, drawing on our global team to identify and allocate the most appropriate resources, regardless of location
  • Maintain comprehensive project schedules and appropriately tiered progress reporting structures to ensure project status is always transparent
  • Implement effective processes for efficient change management
  • Ensure the timely integration of engineering with our full range of global procurement construction and completions capabilities

Our Execute teams draw on a suite of proven tools, systems and procedures, tailored to each project, which are overseen by an excellent internal stewardship structure, augmented by the resources & energy of our 30,000 personnel worldwide.

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