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Operational Excellence 

WorleyParsons Improve works with our customers to improve and optimize their assets as part of the journey to operational excellence.

WorleyParsons understands the importance of capital works planning in maximizing our customers’ operations.  Systematic and rigorous planning of the capital works program ensures works are correctly prioritized and only the right projects proceed.

WorleyParsons Improve works with our customers to develop and implement a capital planning process to deliver full expenditure of the annual capital plan on approved projects to achieve planned business objectives.

We undertake early and joint front end project selection and capital planning to prioritize the portfolio of projects and present business cases to ensure projects with the highest return on investment proceed.  We then suggest changes to the capital plan to realize the full value and service potential of the capital works program.  Once the capital plan is authorized we safely execute the approved projects on time and within budget.

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