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Select Power 

Select Power 

Power's areas of expertise in Select covers the front-end support that our customers require across the various sectors – fossil power (coal, gas), nuclear, renewable (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass), power networks,  water, environment and efficiency.

The key products offered by  Select are - screening and feasibility studies, conceptual design, cost estimation, permitting support, contract planning, owner’s and lenders’ engineering studies and technical assessments for various asset transactions.

In more general terms, Select helps the customer develop the business case and the justification for the execution of detailed engineering, design, procurement and construction of the project; it also helps the customer solve problems from a business and technical perspective.

Our key customers include utilities, hydrocarbon, mining and other industrial customers, government and regulatory agencies and banks and other financial clients.

The key themes for Select are:

  • Strategic investment planning and analysis
  • Meeting future demand for electricity
  • Existing plant optimization

Strategic Investment Planning and Analysis

Our access to current ‘cross industry’ experience and a global database of major capital projects enables our customers to make strategic investment decisions with accurate and reliable planning data.

Services are targeted to meet customer needs for:

  • Screening Analyses - Business opportunity identification and option screening
  • Integrated Resource Planning - Load forecasting, generation, transmission capacity planning and evaluation and grid analysis
  • Permitting support
  • Independent Engineering and Consulting Services -  due diligence, engineering and technical support to utilities, and other resource/industrial customers, governmental and regulatory sectors
  • Cost Estimation and Scheduling - Project cost and scheduling analysis including, screening and ranking to determine relative costs based on a combination of CAPEX and OPEX modeling
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Review and Risk assessment (employing both qualitative and quantitative techniques)
  • Technology Selection -  including current and future power technologies, carbon management and clean technologies
  • Value Engineering - Development of a tailored value engineering process that is aligned with the particular business objectives of the customer
  • Advisory Services - overall strategic and investment risk identification, assessment and management

Meeting Future Demand for Electricity

From an in-depth working knowledge of all power generation options and technologies, WorleyParsons provides customers with the basis for selecting the best solution for future power generation.

Select provides strategic planning details, conceptual design development and technology selection for meeting future electrical demand. Our access to current project experience provides customers with a working knowledge covering a wide array of options and technologies. This, together with current capital and operating cost knowledge, provides the basis for the best solution tailored to the customers’ abilities and needs.

WorleyParsons’ experience in generation technologies, current environmental regulations, and sustainable operational characteristics enables Select to provide in-depth analysis and evaluation of the various options available to today’s generation market.

WorleyParsons’ unique global coverage provides our customers with regional expertise and local contact with licensing boards, environmental agencies and permitting agencies. This enables Select to provide opportunities and constraints analysis, resources and revenue analysis, regulatory requirements analysis and environmental studies during the site assessment process. This local working knowledge of generation facilities provides the basis for site layout / balance-of-plant equipment selection, development of off-site interfaces, noise evaluations and recommendations, and geological, geotechnical, seismic and water analysis evaluations during the initial site selection process.

Services are targeted to meet customer needs for:

  • Capital and operating cost analysis
  • Assistance with development of financial pro-forma
  • Existing asset additions and modernizations
  • Generation using a full range of fuel options
  • Renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Co-development including power, heating, desalination, industrial process and chilled water
  • Water needs and waste water treatment
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable development

Existing Plant Optimization

Our experience gained through long-term asset service agreements , together with brownfield plant upgrades (managed through the WorleyParsons Improve business), enables our customers to effectively maintain and enhance aging asset value.

Select applies this operational know-how, condition assessment and business and engineering solutions to improve plant efficiency, increase output, improve environmental performance, and thus improve the 'bottom line'.

Our experience in the design and operation and maintenance of power plants allows us to undertake a wider range of activities within the broad topic of plant optimization. Beginning with the initial condition assessment assignments, the life extension studies utilize the current project databank when considering the merits of integrating new technologies within existing plant.

The Improve division of WorleyParsons’ experience includes operation and maintenance of power plants. Through our Improve contracts we have been able to demonstrate continuous improvement leading to cost reductions. Lessons learned are fed back into Select, thus completing the cycle of knowledge management. Within Select, our plant improvement front-end design activities utilize the same Improve processes which have become a benchmark in many industries.

In addition to the challenges of asset aging, the increasing focus on emissions and carbon management demands the ongoing consideration of all technologies to maximize return on investment, minimize emissions and reduce the greenhouse footprint. In these turbulent times, we are able to offer our customers a large range of options to cope with future challenges confronting power generators. We are able to share our experience with such technologies as post combustion carbon capture, Oxyfuel, combustors and coal beneficiation.

Lastly, our in-house air quality control capability enables us to offer environmental compliance strategy development and planning.

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