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Optimizing Business Outcomes

Select is a specialist division of WorleyParsons, focused on project viability assessment and selection. It is an integral part of WorleyParsons’ global project delivery capability. 

It is well recognized that the decisions made during the early stages of an investment have the greatest impact on the ultimate business outcome.

Unfortunately, it is also the time when the least amount of information is available. It is this juxtaposition of the criticality of making the correct decisions, and the absence of detailed information on which to base them, that creates the challenge Select has been designed to answer.

Through its focus on the critical early phases of projects, Select:

  • Adds technical definition, thus reducing technical risk
  • Optimizes the opportunity and maximizes the inherent value
  • Creates the business case and assesses the probable costs
  • Secures the necessary approvals and prepares for the Deliver phase

Select advises asset owners, operators, investors, financial institutions and governments. We combine the niche specialist skills required within the front-end of projects with WorleyParsons’ extensive, practical experience in total project delivery and plant operation. Select utilizes a global data base of major capital projects to enable customers to make strategic investment decisions with accurate and reliable planning data, significantly increasing their confidence that the critical planning decisions will support their ultimate business objectives.

Select specialists have a thorough understanding of the business value chain including market analysis, financial modeling, technology selection, greenfield site selection, approvals management, new plant configuration, existing plant optimizations and the development of the detailed project realization methodologies. The combination of strategic front-end planning skills integrated with extensive project execution capabilities, together with WorleyParsons’ technological and commercial neutrality, differentiates Select in the consulting market.

As we face a carbon-constrained future, with changing regulatory frameworks and an uncertain business landscape, Select is focused on working with customers to future-proof their businesses through our knowledge of technologies and our environmental and carbon management techniques.

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