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Advanced Engineering Products 

Advanced Analysis represents a number of the advanced engineering products that are used for our consultancy services. Some of the products that have been developed by WorleyParsons, such as waterRIDE™, are publically available software.

Our consultants provide related services for these products such as technical support, training and mentoring. Please note that we do not represent every product in all markets, however, we are happy to forward any queries to the relevant contact where appropriate.

Advanced Analysis products include:

  1. Abaqus Unified FEA Software Suite
    • Abaqus/CAE
    • Abaqus/Standard
    • Abaqus/Explicit
    • Abaqus/CFD
  2. iSight
  3. fe-safe™
  4. waterRIDE™
  5. Rail Technology Solutions from WorleyParsons/DeltaRail

1. Abaqus Unified FEA Software Suite


SimuliaThe Abaqus Unified Finite Element Analysis suite of software provides users with powerful and complete solutions for the simulation of both routine and sophisticated engineering problems. It covers a vast spectrum of industrial applications and has an unsurpassed reputation for technology, quality and reliability. WorleyParsons has been the representative of Abaqus since May 2000.


Abaqus/CAE offers a complete solution for modeling, visualization, and process automation of Abaqus simulations. Users can quickly create, edit, monitor, diagnose and visualize advanced Abaqus analyses through its intuitive interface, integrating the modeling sequence into an easy-to-use and highly productive environment.

Abaqus/CAE supports familiar interactive computer-aided engineering concepts such as feature-based parametric modeling, interactive and scripted operation, and GUI customization to support process automation.


Abaqus/Standard enables a wide range of linear and non-linear engineering simulations to be carried out efficiently, accurately and reliably. The extensive analysis capabilities, superb performance, thorough documentation, high quality, and best-in-class support makes Abaqus/Standard an effective tool for many engineering analyses. Abaqus/Standard is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modeling environment for all common pre- and post-processing needs.


Abaqus/Explicit provides advanced dynamics finite element analysis. It compliments Abaqus/Standard and is well-suited for simulations of brief transient dynamic events such as consumer electronics drop testing, automotive crashworthiness and ballistic impact. Its ease of use, reliability and efficiency are key ingredients to the architecture. Abaqus/Explicit is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modeling environment for all common pre- and post-processing needs.


Abaqus/CFD provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities with extensive support for pre and post-processing provided in Abaqus/CAE.

Contact: Clive Ford
Phone: +65 6735 8444

2014 Abaqus Training Courses Schedule in Singapore and Malaysia

Figure 1:
Modelling of composites in Abaqus/CAE

Figure 2:
Contact analysis in Abaqus/Standard

Figure 3:
Crashworthiness analysis

Figure 4:
Isosurface View of Temperature

2. Isight

Isight enables engineering teams to drastically reduce the time of the design cycle by integrating workflow processes into an automated environment, and ensuring design collaboration among partners. Isight and SIMULIA’s Execution Engine are used to combine multiple cross disciplinary models and applications into a simulation process flow, automate their execution across distributed compute resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify the optimal design parameters subject to required restraints.

Contact: Clive Ford
Phone: +65 6735 8444


Figure 5:
Isight for Sim Flow Optimization

3. fe-safe™



fe-safe™ is a flagship product within a suite of durability analysis products and services. As an integrated part of the design process, users have the ability to optimize designs and test programs, as well as reduce prototype test times, product recalls and warranty costs – all with increased confidence that product designs pass their test schedules as “right the first time”.

“Just using the ‘hot-spot’ principal stress approach would have led us to flag the outer right side as the problem zone, whereas fe-safe™ analysis flagged the lower left side, inner cylindrical tube area as the predicted low life. This was corroborated by lab tests on actual loaded specimens."

Dana Corporation, Automotive Systems Group, USA.
Contact: Clive Ford
Phone: +65 6735 8444

Figure 6:
Max principal stress

Figure 7:
Log life from fe-safe

4. waterRIDE™

waterRIDE™ is a unique water resources investigation system developed by WorleyParsons' engineers and programmers.  It has been built to allow the presentation and interrogation of time-varying numerical hydrodynamic model results, fully integrated with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The unique integration of GIS and hydrodynamic modeling technologies add value to industry’s standard engineering models, and provides time saving methods to reduce model set-up costs.

Contact: Cameron Druery
Phone: +61 2 8456 7352
Email :

Figure 8:
Flow at a glance

5. Rail Technology Solutions from WorleyParsons/DeltaRail

Advanced Analysis represents a suite of specialized software and hardware products for the rail industry, developed by the DeltaRail Group. These products include:

  • vampire® pro - a highly-accurate vehicle dynamics simulation software that has been specifically designed for the rail industry by rail experts
  • trackline two® - a powerful track geometry and rail head wear recording system compact enough to be fitted to most vehicles, including in-service vehicles
  • TrackMaster® - a software package for analysis and interrogation of track geometry measurement data, designed for the Permanent Way Engineer responsible for planning and track maintenance
  • XV® - a software product to helps asset maintainers improve operational performance, asset reliability and costs
  • VIEW™ - track-side rail vehicle component inspection system, utilizing remote monitoring to capture a series of images and conduct measurements of target components

Contact: David Mair
Phone:+61 3 8676 3140

Figure 9:
Vehicle dynamics prediction

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