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Advanced Analysis 


Physical testing can be costly, time consuming and wasteful.  It also doesn’t always provide a greater understanding of how individual components operate as part of a whole system.  Our customers need to improve safety, reliability and efficiency in many different industries where traditional forms of analyses are no longer the best options.  Some of these challenges include:

  • Gaining insights into the underlying performance of complex systems
  • Determining optimal configurations of virtual prototypes in order to develop concepts
  • Understanding bottlenecks and optimizing system throughputs in complex supply chains
  • Verifying and validating analysis to progress design outcomes that directly address customers' needs


Our Advanced Analysis Consulting Practice focuses on advanced numerical analysis.  It moves away from traditional analysis such as physical testing and provides customers with reduced costs, project inefficiencies, time-to-market and waste.

Core capabilities offered by our Advanced Analysis consultants can be applied to a large number of industries, and at any phase of the project lifecycle. These include:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – linear, non-linear, dynamic, impact, heat transfer, thermal/structural etc.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis – flow assessments/modeling, erosion, thermodynamics etc.
  • Numerical methods, often used for asset life extension and applicable in system design, for dynamic systems assessment, noise/acoustic engineering, plant integrity studies, extreme event simulations, fluid structure interaction, multi-physics simulation and equipment verification

The practice also has an established track record in niche engineering areas including the provision of expert and forensic engineering advice, durability assessments, flood modeling, fracture mechanics-based fatigue assessments, dynamic simulation and modeling of fire, blast and release scenarios.

Additionally, our consultants have developed innovative tools to directly address unmet customer needs. This often involves accessing large amounts of data and presenting it in a way that supports decision-making. These tools represent repeatable and traceable information to ensure system behaviors are understood and that decisions are optimized.

Advanced engineering products

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Advanced Analysis represent some of the world’s leading providers of simulation software, analysis and test systems, and are able to advise on the best solutions to meet our customers’ analysis requirements.   




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