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In geotechnical engineering, when working in cold climates, two challenges typically arise: operating in remote locations with scarce resources and dealing with muskeg and permafrost.

WorleyParsons’ consultants have worked on projects across the globe including Northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia and regions north of the Arctic Circle. We have gained extensive know-how on how to meet these challenges from our work on offshore pipelines in the Sakhalin Islands to the new water supply at the Eureka Weather Station on Ellesmere Island.

WorleyParsons’ advisory and design consulting services for arctic regions include:

  • Permafrost and muskeg mapping
  • Artificial islands, ice roads
  • Shallow and deep foundations in permafrost
  • Thermal studies
  • Slope stability
  • Thermosyphons
  • Locating suitable aggregate borrow sources

Our successful cold region projects include infrastructure such as:

  • Water reservoirs
  • Sewage lagoons
  • Tailings storage facilities
  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Ports and terminals

We also have a distinguished background in cold regions pipeline geotechnique, both onshore and offshore. Our projects include the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), the Dempster Lateral, the Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline, the proposed Alaska Pipeline Project (APP), the Sakhalin 1 Project and the Northstar Development.


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