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Master Planning 


Complex projects involve a myriad of technical and non-technical challenges, particularly in establishing both the feasibility and bankability of candidate options.  The engagement and alignment of a vast number of disparate stakeholders is essential; as is the fundamental need to develop a solution that balances competing interests against economic, environmental and social constraints.

Requisite financing and approvals, often in the hands of non-technical stakeholders, can only be obtained through a clearly conveyed vision for the project that is founded upon sound, but often complex, engineering concepts.

A master plan forms an essential roadmap to transfer a project vision into reality.  It provides informed solutions for complex problems and addresses competing needs in order to shape practical future development.


WorleyParsons takes a multidisciplinary approach, with teams comprised of experts from across the project lifecycle, to identify challenges early and produce tailored strategies that mitigate development risk.  With a comprehensive understanding of the technical issues, we’re able to identify environmental, social and economic factors to provide coordinated, clever, cost saving project solutions that are both deliverable and operable. 

Our master planning consultants conduct strategic framing workshops, comprehensive options analysis, transparent stakeholder engagement processes, future scenario testing and incorporation, and operational and optimization analysis for:

  • National and regional resource development strategies
  • Siting studies
  • Industrial and port master plans
  • Infrastructure plans
  • Urban design and planning

Components and techniques of the master planning process can also be applied to projects individually to help identify potential issues early and promote better forward planning.

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Master Planning
Duncan Foster
Global Director Master Planning
Ph: +97 1 566 851 770 

Australia and New Zealand
Matthew Wegg
Senior Master Planner
Ph: +61 (0)8 6263 7073

Middle East, Northern Africa and India
Don Pollock
Principal Consultant
Ph: +966 3807 9326

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