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Industrial Waste Management 


Wastestreams are the inevitable consequence of human existence and progress.  Globally, we generate wastestreams in a dizzying array of substance, shape, and size and each wastestream represents a potential threat to the environment and to the health and welfare of humans, animals and biotics.  But waste management is not just an environmental issue.  In today’s competitive markets, managing our wastestreams has become an economic issue as well with opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle having very real impacts on operating costs.  The challenge, then, becomes proactively identifying, fully characterizing, and effectively managing our wastestreams throughout the lifecycle of the waste; from its generation to final disposition or treatment.    

Our customers have confidence they’re getting the very best advice when addressing issues such as waste generation, waste minimization and reuse, waste collection, and disposal infrastructure. In addition, facility development and operational decisions, both short- and long-term, will be based on technically sound and environmentally responsible practices that ensure continuous compliance with the requirements of relative legislation and regulations.


WorleyParsons Industrial Waste Management Consultants deliver a broad range of solutions across the lifecycle of industrial, municipal, commercial, hazardous, nuclear, chemical and demolition waste streams.  These solutions include: 

  • Wastestream characterization
  • Process and waste mapping
  • Baseline studies
  • Wastestream tracking, documentation, and reconciliation
  • Waste system alternative and optimization studies
  • Waste facility siting studies including site characterization and site selection
  • Wastestream handling and delivery system studies and detailed design
  • Waste disposal facilities design and detailed engineering
  • Leachate management and treatment systems studies and detailed design
  • Biogas systems studies and detailed design
  • Human and ecological risk assessments
  • Environmental impacts studies and science solutions for atmosphere, land, water and health
  • Community engagement planning and Community Health Plans
  • Remedial planning and feasibility studies including cost studies
  • Remediation system design, installation, operations & maintenance
  • Decommissioning, Deactivation, Decontamination and Demolition (D4) services
  • Geospatial Information System (GIS) platforms and information database management
  • Waste facility closure studies and detailed engineering
  • Post-closure beneficial reuse studies and detailed design
  • Compliance and permitting strategies and solutions
  • Operations and maintenance plans
  • Waste-haul-by-rail solutions

Regardless of the wastestream or the process, we deliver well-conceived solutions that meet our customers' waste management goals and operating objectives.


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