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Offshore Decommissioning 


Decommissioning is a large complex multi-discipline project.  Each decommissioning project is unique and each platform has its own unique challenges.

Consideration for decommissioning should start in the concept phase of a new asset to ensure no unnecessary cost liability is placed on the operator.  Decommissioning in design can increase the net present value of an asset by several million dollars by making informed decisions in the design stage.  WorleyParsons' tools for decommissioning in design identify the cost drivers for decommissioning.

Our waste management experience will provide a full service for safe removal, transport and disposal of all forms of waste material providing traceability and legislative compliance.

WorleyParsons provides the essential toolkit to ensure that decommissioning is delivered safely and within budget. 

We will ensure that the maintenance regime is appropriate to the asset’s changing profile throughout decommissioning from late field life through cessation to platform removal.

WorleyParsons and INTECSEA provide an integrated engineering capability for decommissioning seabed infrastructure, offshore platforms and compliant structures.


  • Strategy identification and development
  • Technical and non-technical risk analysis
  • Comparative economic assessment
  • Services to well plug and abandonment team
  • Late Field Life and abandonment strategy
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Management and Engineering for decommissioning
  • Waste management

Our strategy evaluation tool will ensure the most efficient and effective decommissioning methodology is chosen.  The use of this tool will provide a documented and auditable trail of the decision process.

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